What Personality Type Has Your Character Got?

I really love this test and I do think it is pretty accurate! I wanted to try this for my characters for the longest time and I never found much time but I just took it for Hudson! I will try to take it for all of them because it is rather entertaining.
So, Hudson Ronin from Love is Blind is a Consul (ESFJ) and I think it fits almost perfectly, there are some things that don’t but it’s nothing big. It’s weird for me too read this because it’s the complete opposite of me haha.
This part is 100% true: In high school, Consuls are the cheerleaders and the quarterbacks, setting the tone, taking the spotlight and leading their teams forward to victory and fame. Later in life, Consuls continue to enjoy supporting their friends and loved ones, organizing social gatherings and doing their best to make sure everyone is happy.

I would probably add his FC but sharing is not caring in this RP…




I haven’t done these (or at least written them down) for many of my characters.
Mainly just my characters in Camp Half Blood. The ones I revamped and developed their personalities more.

The CHB characters I’ve done:

Jake (Greek - Son of Aphrodite) - ESFP (My opposite, which is part of why I have a hard time with him)
Andrea (Greek - Daughter of Athena) - INTJ (the same as I am actually)
Kelby (Norse - Daughter of Gefion) - ENFP

Ajax (Greek - Son of Zeus) - I have to redo his, (since I never wrote it down…) but I think he is an ENTJ.


Awww Evanna is an INFJ-T :sob:


I did this test for myself a few months ago and I remember I got a ENFP-T, though I don’t fully agree.
I just did one for my character Morgan on the Love is blind rp,
She got ENFJ-A (Quite accurate ngl)

Scrap that I’m a INFP-T


Lisette Nicolina Bruun is a Defender (ISFJ) and this is very true


Ooh, mine, too!
I did the test for the characters.

Emilianna from Miss Understood is an ESFJ.
And from my new story:
-Vanessa is an ISTJ-A
-Ellie is an INFP-T (like me)
-Mira is an INFJ-A
-Mei is an ESTJ-A
-Emma is an ENFP-T

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im an isfp adventurer
current chars=
my Erick Villanueva (AYTO) is a protagonist (ENFJ-A) which, kind of
Carmen Laurel (LIB) is an entrepreneur (ESTP-T) hell yes
Chanel Parker (TDI) is a defender <3 (ISFJ-T) TOTALLY, completely, i love her

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So, I did this for my other characters and
Leia Lanai from LIB is also an ESFJ-A (Consul)
Leo Van Doren from LG is an ESTJ-A (Executive)
Natalina Montero from LG is also an ESTJ-A (Executive) omg
I guess I like people that are not like me haha


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Between determining your character’s personality type and choosing their zodiac sign, you can really develop your characters a lot and get some really good insight into how they will approach and react to certain situations.

Ive really been meaning to do personality tests for a lot more of my characters, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I have done a personality test for another of my CHB characters though.
Walton (Norse - Son of Lofn) - INFJ

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I politely disagree

Safiya Essa (br) is a consul (esfj)
Mamoud Essa (br) is an adventurer (istj I think??)

I’m not saying it does for everyone, but it definitely can. Personally when I see what zodiac or personality type best fits them, it helps me add on to my description of their personality other than the base of what’s in my head.

Just curious, but why do you disagree?

I think that tests like that tell you like a little bit of who they are as a whole but personality tests and sun sign are very superficial parts to a very deep character

Like, it’s the little things that influence how they choose to affect others

I’ve slowly but surely been working on my characters’ personality types.

My Blue Royalty Characters:
Maverick: ISTP
Jezebel: ESTJ
Reina: INFJ

Jordan from Dark Snow: INTP
Alejandro from Mystic Lake: ENFP

On almost all characters I make their personality type seems to share at least a letter (or usually two) with mine. The only one I’ve noticed so far that doesn’t is Jake from CHB. Has anyone else noticed a similar trend?

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Have you guys tried reading the writer’s block blog if you’re stuck?
Or what about the personality test - which of the 16 are each of your characters?

@Tina.G, this may help you get back into writing RP posts!

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