What would you do if.... (game)

Scream bloody murder, yeet that nasty rat away from me, and wash my face furiously.

WWYDI someone pretending to be you called your family, saying you had been kidnapped?

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Find them and beat their butt

WWYDI some set all your clothes on fire?

Set theirs on fire and see how they like it! :joy::joy: in all honesty I’d probably call the police

Reminds me of when someone was messaging my friends telling them that I had passed away… which had a lot of people freaked out due to the fact I hadn’t been online for a day (I had a migraine) :woman_facepalming:t2: No one thought of messaging my family at all!!

Wwyd if you saw a child/ teen on their own and they were crying

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Sit down next to them and cry too :pleading_face:

WWYDI someone you’ve never met hugged you and acted like your best friend? :eyes::sparkles:

I would be confused and ask them why they’re doing that :eyes::rose::two_hearts:

WWYDI someone ate your food? :rose::two_hearts:

It goes either way, accept the fate and smile as my insides cry or scream
That’s mine!!" :joy: :joy: :sweat_smile:

WWYD if your favorite item/clothing is on an affordable sale?

Buy it! :sunflower: :sparkles: :coffee:

WWYD if you woke up with a really bad headache?

Sleep and cry from the pain (if it is too painful ofc :joy:)

WWYD if you were a part of the suspects in a murder?

Uhm, try everything to prove my innocence

Wwyd if it’s 5 AM and your neighbors suddenly start playing loud music that woke you up?

Call the security guard that watches over our building to report them

WWYD if your best friend stopped talking to you for no reason?

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Try to reach out to them and ask why they did that, if they ignore that I would just give up and let them reach out to me but they better have a good reason.

Wwyd if all your pms were suddenly gone?

Nothing… I still have babble and I’m not very active in any of my PMs :sweat_smile:

What would you do if you suddenly started to fly?

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Babble disappeared today

Hmm, I would try to get back to the ground safely and when I know I can fly safely use it to help other people :eyes:

Wwyd if the only thing in your house was your least favorite food and stores are closed but you are hungry?

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wait what how am i just noticing this???!?!?/?!?!?

Remain hungry and just drink water :potable_water::pensive:

WWYD if a stranger spilled their coffee on you?

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Depends on who’s fault it is, if it’s my own fault I would apologize to them, if it’s their fault I would probably say it’s not a big deal and see if I can get it clean.

Wwyd if a good friend keeps bothering you to join a video chat but you really aren’t in the mood for it?

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I’d say no thanks and be offline for a looooong time.

WWYD if you pooped in your pants in class?

Cry :pleading_face:

What would you do if someone deleted your favourite forum games? :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

Ask them why they deleted them :pleading_face:

What would you do if someone replied to your texting one year after you sent it?

Be happy that they replied :eyes::sparkles:

What would you do if someone stole your nose? :eyes::sparkles:

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Steal my nose back.

What would you do if you found a duckling inside your house?

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