What's Your Favourite Episode Story For Each Genre?

We have read lots of Episode stories and we love most of them. Let’s list down our favourite Episode stories for each genre!

Horror: The Infected by Caitoriri & Save Our Souls by Mary D. Sava
Adventure: The Wall by J. Miley
Mystery: L.O.S.T. by Mary D. Sava
Thriller: Graceless by ☒☒☒☒ ☒.☒
Fantasy: All of Spiegel’s stories (Clubhouse of The Cursed, Thick as Thieves, Bed of Roses)
Romance: Times Square by Janine Dela Cruz
Comedy: Anyone But You by Janine Dela Cruz
Scifi: Galactic Game by Lucas & Define Future by Ana Stacy
LGBTQ: Glamour by liawrites

@Episodians What are some of your favourite Episode stories for each genre?

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Romance: The New Girl by Saige
Drama: A Happy Chance by Ana.Writes
LGBTQ: Sprint by Licorice
Fantasy: Through the Worlds and The Greatest Hero (both by Ksenia)
Scifi: Wired This Way by Lorenbethxox
Mystery: Watch My Six by Laila C
Comedy: Legally Clueless by Charlie Cee
Action: Meet the Mendozas by Ariel C
Adventure: Summer of 99’ by Sophie M

I haven’t read that many stories in thriller and horror :eyes:


Comedy: The Wrong Match by Hijiko
Fantasy: Beyond Reality by Dorothy
Romance: I Married A Knight by earlgreytea
Drama: I’m Fine! By Julie Rivers
Horror: Shroud by Dina Damanhudi (This one actually scared me)
Thriller: Hello? By Evil Ebonni and Old Mate
Adventure: The Wrong Side of Time by Blanca

I think that’s it, haven’t really read the other genres and if I had there’s no notable story that I liked.


Horror: Maison Poirot by Tiana D
Adventure: Adventurous: Seven Seas by @LyraKeiken
Action: Agent Cinderella by Mavis Rosebrook & @EliseC
Mystery: *Clue: Red Eyed Cat by RavhelleFaucet
Thriller: Divided Faces by JCWhisper113
Fantasy: CYBER by Vivi
Romance: … room to fill this spot
Comedy: See You Later, Alligator by Annie & @fraud
Drama: Breathing Crimson by Evil Ebonni
Sci-fi: 2.5 Million Light-Years Away by JiangShi
LGBTQ: Sweet Nothings by Xandra M


I’m probably going to forget nearly all the stories I’ve read :rofl: :rofl:
But I’m including a few all-time favorites, plus a few that I’m reading at the moment.

Horror: The Infected by Caitoriri
Adventure: Summer of '99 by Sophie M.
Mystery: Dancing with Danger by Honey
Thriller: I don’t think I’ve read any
Fantasy: The Seal of Fate by Hecate
Romance: Instant Princess by Elle Badu (not even sure this is Romance, but I’ll put it here anyway)
Comedy: The Flunkers by Zara Jen and The Pregnancy Curse by Dr. Smile
Drama: Reputation by Mira Times Two, Competitive Edge by Picalilly (I think it’s Drama??)
Scifi: Galactic Game by Lucas
LGBTQ: Ace of Hearts by Yueliang


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