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Four elements that composed the universe, gave birth to twelve children who grew up to be the Zodiac Gods and Goddesses. Three children of each elements, six female as well as six males, were all about the balance of energy. Similarly they were given the responsibility of maintaining the balance.

But these century old Gods might still have been immature or too distracted to execute their duties, too absorbed in their own personal lives. The result was severe upon the humans. The unstirred balance was disrupted and those primitive forms of energy gained their destructive forms. Floods, tornados, cyclones, Tsunami ravaged the lands, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, and lightning strikes killed many lives, earthquakes, heat waves made life miserable on earth.

Consequences resulting from their carelessness did not go unnoticed. Ostium Crystal, that allowed them to travel through worlds as well as acted like a gateway only for these Gods and Goddesses from Earth to Heaven and vice versa, was crushed into fragments and each fragment was scattered on globe, randomly. Their powers were snatched away and they were thrown at the surface of earth with the slightest memory of their past.

In order to go “home” as well as regain the memories and powers they must work together. Repentance and proving their worth simultaneously was the only way to regain their thrones as Celestial Gods/Goddess. Clues are everywhere and nowhere, and enemies too.

Will personal conflicts get in the way?

Do they have potential to work as a team?

Unfortunately for them, their pioneers and guides seem to be now their worst enemies.

Will they be able to fight the creation of their own ignorance?

: Useful Information :

  1. Roles :

Roles are limited. Please reserve for your character(s) before filling up the sign-up form. First come first serve. In the roleplay, there will be two types of characters : Zodiac Gods/Goddesses in their human form (12) and Minor Celestines (12). For the Zodiacs we would like to keep the gender balance : 6 females and 6 males. We recommend you to play as your own zodiac sign so that you can be yourselves while still be playing a character. However, it’s totally understandable if you wish to be play a different zodiac (especially in case someone has already reserved for your zodiac sign)

  1. Zodiacs’ Goal :

The main goal of the Zodiacs is to retrieve the fragments from the clues by overcoming the obstructions while maintaining secrecy of their real identity from humans and fulfil basic needs on Earth (Money, food, shelter, clothing) and return back to heaven. But some Zodiacs do not really get along, so the ambience up there can be repulsive in come cases. Your character(s) may wish not to return, but that is completely up to you. Your characters might (will) get killed, but that wouldn’t stop you from RPing. As they are not allowed in heaven yet, they will just return back to Earth, just on a different location and have to start afresh.

  1. Minor Celestines :

So, these people in the roleplay are Celestial bodies, who served under the four Elemental Gods/Goddesses (the parents of the Zodiac Gods) as a guide (mentor) for the Zodiacs when they were younger. However, they are no hair weaker than the Zodiacs. Now that Zodiacs are facing the wrath of the Elemental Gods, there is an opportunity for the Minor Celestines to conspire against them and get them exiled forever, and gain their positions as Gods. However, some of them might wish to stay loyal to the higher Gods. Again that is completely up to the creator(s)

  1. Landing :

The Zodiacs will find themselves in groups of 2-4 in random places on globe or alone. From there they have to start with no powers at all and no memories. As the time passes they will gradually be remembering things. But only the discoveries of the fragments will grant them a percentage of their powers. So before the discovery of the first fragment they will have no supernatural powers. And Minor Celestines can travel from Heaven to Earth and vice versa anytime they want.

  1. Powers :

Each Zodiac God/Goddess as well as Minor Celestine is allowed to have two powers. All fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) and Minor Celestines of Fire will have Fire Manipulation as their common power. The other one is for you to choose. Same goes for the other signs and Minor Celestines like : air Signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) and Minor Celestines of Air with Air Manipulation, water Signs (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) and Minor Celestines of Water with Water Manipulation, earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) and Minor Celestines of earth with Earth Manipulation.

  1. Relations :

Zodiacs of same elements are siblings. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. Faceclaims :

Art Faceclaims only and anime style is allowed as well. For Zodiacs two type of FCs will be needed which are the God form and the Human form, though predominantly the Human form will be used.

FC Slides

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Descent Of The Zodiacs

Decisions were made. Final judgment was passed, regarding the ignorance of the Gods towards their creation and duties and some acts of violence which were kept intentionally vague to the majority of them till their very last minute in the Zodiac realm. Powers were snatched away and Ostium Crystal of the Zodiacs was shattered into fragments which were scattered all over the globe, the number of pieces to put together to make a whole unknown to the exiles.

There was a significant amount of time warped during their descent on earth, in groups, for the sake of the reconstruction of the bonding all twelve of them once shared, with all memories erased temporarily. As there was no restriction on recessing the memories, it was simply left to creep back into their minds gradually as time would pass.

(After they wake up/gain consciousness, process the situation they are in and figure out they remember absolutely nothing about themselves, the first memory they should remember is their human names, roughly within some hours)

Location : Naples, Italy

On a sunny morning, while the metropolitan city was bustling, as usual, there was quite a number of skaters in the skate park. But some of them were standing in a circle, which had a blue-haired boy (Aries – @sunflower.flow) in the centre laying on the ground, unconscious. Someone was splashing water on his face. His skateboard was still beside him. Apparently, a dangerous stunt with the skateboard caused him to fall and hit his head.

Across the street, there was a small café, popular among the skaters who would visit there, after their practices to refill their energy. There was a table beside the window through which the park could be seen. A brown-skinned handsome man (Taurus – @unsungcheerio) was occupying the seat, with his gaze fixed at the window but in a blank stare, seemingly in a reverie. The waitress was getting impatient as she had been standing there, holding the bill, for minutes.

Far away from both of them, somewhere in the city, was a library. There was a girl (Gemini – @meekepeek), who seemed to be a university student, dozing in the history section while reading a book with the most volume among all the history books piled up around her.

Location : Jaisalmer, India


Nestled on the golden sands of Thar Desert, Jaisalmer Fort is not just a fort but a mini-town with houses, temples, shops, and restaurants. In the slanted rays of the sun, the Fort appeared golden, giving it the everlasting reputation of Golden Fort.

The tour guide was showing the tourist group around. But unlucky was the tourist who somehow got separated from the group, a blonde man (Cancer – @Kristi), who found himself in a chamber in a quiet and secluded corner of the Fort.

Outside the fort, Rajasthani tribal women were dancing to the classical Panihari music adding a taste of nostalgia in the air. There were some tourists too, taking pictures and humming along with the melody. Two of them were intensely staring at the fire, a beautiful blonde woman (Leo – @idiot.exe) and another woman with luscious dark hair (Virgo – @katabasis)…

Location : Las Vegas, Nevada

The streets were bustling with people and the roads were jammed with loud vehicles, filled with angry citizens who were running late for work. The young children played with their friends on the streets while the teens were either glued to their phones with earphones on or were laughing and gossiping with their friends. But the dark-haired girl with glasses (Aquarius – @OhSumana) found herself in a group of young adults singing and dancing on the sidewalk.

A few buildings apart from them was a shop surrounded by the sweet scent of cinnamon, sugar and honey. A man (Capricorn – @Cadborosa ) sat outside the shop, on a table with an umbrella on top, providing him shade from the hot rays of the Sun. On the table in front of him was a plate with a glazed donut and a sugared donut. Looking up from the plate, he saw a waitress looking down at him, asking if he needed anything else.

Location : Dublin, Ireland


The people on the Seán O’Casey Bridge had crowded in front of a man, they were gaping and whispering to each other in worry, while two others were calling someone, possibly for an ambulance. The man (Sagittarius – @FuzilladeBlue) who had gotten into a (not-so-serious) accident finally woke up with red scrapes all over his arms, legs and his face.

A few kilometres from the bridge was a road across which was a white five-floored apartment. A couple of young adults sat on the stairs, waiting for a blonde girl (Libra – @elixr) to wake up. When she finally did and sat up, they started talking to her in Irish, their faces filled with worry.

A couple of buildings away was a brick house. It had a board above the door with ‘Grace’s Art Class’ written on it. A blue-haired girl (Pisces – @Ouijaloveletters) sat in one of the rooms of the house on a round table, surrounded by children, teens, and even adults. She got up and looked down at the table; drawing books, colours, and various art supplies had been kept there. Looking down at the girl was a middle-aged woman with thick glasses and a frightening glare.

(Everyone is allowed to leave their group, work alone, join others, argue, fight, and kill as per their preference but without their memories. And for convenience, please add your locations under your names while posting as your character.)


:tropical_fish:Dublin, Ireland :tropical_fish:

What the-? The blue haired girl slowly sat up, unsticking her cheek from the table. She then noticed the angry lady bearing down on her. “Ahhh!” Who was this lady and why did she look angry? This looked like a art studio, so shouldn’t she be able to sleep if she wanted? Wait. There’s a blue colored pencil in her hair. She blinked, pulling it out. “Um…what’s going on?” She asked softly.
@OhSumana - Crazy Lady
I wasn’t sure if Clio should interact with the lady of not.


Crazy Lady

Location :Dublin//Ireland

Confusion was painted all over the lady’s face as the blue haired young girl screamed suddenly, then she had been utterly clueless about everything in the world, inquired what was going on. The lady grunted, exclaiming something in Gaelic in annoyance.

Then she proceeded to snatch the blue pencil away from her grip, to make sure there were not anymore unnecessary blue lines cutting across someone’s painting. “Mo Dhia! I’m too old to deal with moody teenagers!”, she voiced looking upwards as if talking to God then looked down at the girl, “Iníon (Miss), you are not allowed to work on others painting! Please, go over to your own canvas and do your own work!” , she went, pointing at a canvas far away in corner of the room.

@Ouijaloveletters - Cilo


:tropical_fish:Dublin, Ireland​:tropical_fish:

The lady proceeded to blow out the girl’s eardrums, yanking the colored pencil out of her hand. “I’m sorry! It won’t happen again!” She nodded furiously, hopping up and backpedaling to the corner to the canvas pointed out. It was blank. Luckily for her, her creative juices were flowing full force.
@OhSumana - Crazy lady


Naples, Italy :it:

opening my eyes I felt very disoriented and sleepy. I let out a groaned sigh as I lift my head up from the semi-hard service my arms and head were resting on. I look around at the large room full of books and only a few people. there was a calmness in the building that was tense and relaxed at the same time. But what struck me was that this place didn’t seem familiar to me.

I try to think back to where I am but nothing comes to me, my head is completely blank. Assuming it’s sleeping, I turn to the pile of books around me. I close the book I’ve been lying on and read the title. “Historical Architecture”. I pick up another book that says. “Building styles and techniques of the past”. With a frown, I close the books and get up. Nothing here gives me any indication of where I am and what I’m doing here, and because I still don’t know, I’m starting to panic a little.

okay okay okay, I was here to… no idea, reading about architecture apparently. Why on earth can’t I remember anything!? maybe I took notes while reading!?. I quickly look around the table for a notebook, but no luck. no, why isn’t there a notebook!?. panicked I grab a book and open only the cover. Inside there’s a piece of paper with a few names. One of them sounds familiar: Leira Carrier. After that a few more names are written.

I look around once more and my eyes fall on a little tray with a sign that says: used books here, return borrowed books at the reception please. I think for a minute before putting all the books on the tray and I walk out of the building and into a loud and busy city. People are everywhere going somewhere while walking past me. the noises of the people and the machines that speed by, overwhelm me in my disorientated state and while covering my ears I start to walk.

Soon after I see a big moving machine (bus) and I jump in. without thinking I take out a little piece of paper and hold it against a machine that gives a beep. I look at the driver and he just gives me a nod, so I nod back.

I then sit down, a little confused about what I’m doing, but the machine drives away and without the noise, I can see the streets and buildings fly by.

I’m so focussed on looking around, I only vaguely hear the words final stop, but don’t respond. Then the voice of the driver brings me back. “Miss, I suggest you get off here, this bus is going to get stationed,” He said and I nod. I slowly get up and walk out of the…bus.

I am now at a square in the middle of the city. There are shops, cafes and other things. in the middle of the square is a fountain that catches my eye. I walk over and sit on the edge looking at the city and people around me. Hopefully, there is someone or something here who knows me or can get my memory back.
@unsungcheerio and @sunflower.flow.



Location : Jaisalmer, India

Calix woke up in a placed, an empty chamber. He had stood up and groaned, why had he slept on the ground? “Damn that hurt, I remember…” Calix paused, he remembered what? He couldn’t remember sh!t. Great, he had probably fell down and hit his head somewhere. Now what was his name again? It might help him remember what has happened, was it: Aiden? Montoros? London? Europe? Africa? North America? Calix groaned, “Curse my life” He said. Ok, would something please hit him in the head and remind him of his name? Calix chocked, he wasn’t feeling like cats and giggles right now. Wait Cats- that seemed like his name. He remembered it starting with a c and a. He chuckled cleaning the little tears that unnoticeably dropped. Gosh, why was he so f*cking emotional? And why did his parents name him Cats? Oh well, he was probably made fun a lot in highschool-collage. Eh at least Calix remembered his name, he wasn’t going to freak or cry.

Ok wtf, wtf wtf wtf. Honestly just k!ll him already, He was really considering crawling up back to his mother’s v@gina and wishing he was never born at this point… because if 2 plus 2 was 4 and 5 plus 5 was 10 wtf was this? Recently, two things had dropped from his pockets: his id card and a tourist ticket. So his name wasn’t cats after all, and his name was Calix Wilde? Calix freaking wilde? A 20 something year old collage student. He had found a phone too appearantly his whole reason of being here was because of a dare. D@mn now he was lost because of it. Did he get separated from his group or something? He groaned as he massed his temples. Ok, Calix needed to calm down find a way out of the font to see if people where there. People who might have seen where the other tourist went too. He ran a finger through his blonde locks.

Calix moved around, trying to find people- but no luck. Finally he found a spot and smirked, “The universe seems to be working in my favor right now, thank God.” He went through that place. And the sigh he saw made him gape. The were two beautiful women, one with dark hair and brown skin and the other one was a blonde with slightly tanned skin. Calix decided to approach the dancing blonde, “Hey have you seen a group of tourist?”

@idiot.exe - Leo


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°• Location ✧ Jaisalmer, India •°

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For what felt like minutes, Aelia could only focus on the fire in front of her. She had frozen still, unable to take her eyes off. It felt comforting, and the warmth radiating from it felt too familiar. In fact, the atmosphere had the same effect on her as well. The golden rays of the sun on the fort, it brought a weird sense of nostalgia. And yet, Aelia couldn’t possibly figure out why. She didn’t recall ever being in this area before, almost like deja vu.

As she looked over to the tourists across her, she started to feel a bit distant. They’ve all gathered in a crowd, admiring the dancers around the fire. And yet, Aelia was standing away from the rest of them. A sense of loneliness came across her, along with a whole lot of confusion. It was a lot to process, as if she’d suddenly gained consciousness again. Perhaps, if she’d fit in with the crowd, those feelings would subside. Though, she was irritated that there wasn’t more attention on her. So many thoughts going through her head, yet nobody noticed.

With her attention focused on the fire, she barely noticed she had a camera in her hands. It seemed to be in good condition, and high quality as well. The camera sparked Aelia’s curiosity. She had no memory of using it, though she wondered what photos were in it. She pushed her golden hair back and powered it on, scrolling through the photos on the device. Though there wasn’t much to see. There was only one photo, and of the fire in front of her, with a date written on the corner. Considering it had the same atmosphere, Aelia had assumed that was the present date.

It wasn’t what she expected, for sure. Her confusion grew larger, as she failed to recall when she took the photo, how she got the camera, and even how she got to the fort. In fact, she had trouble remembering anything at all. As tempting as it was to call to everyone’s attention and get help, they would’ve probably seen her as insane. Who doesn’t remember their own name? Her cheeks flushed pink, as she turned away from the crowd. She let her hair fall, hiding her face in embarrassment. Though, to her surprise, she had managed to gain someone’s attention.

“Hey have you seen a group of tourists?” - asked the stranger.

Aelia turned her gaze towards him, quickly adjusting her hair. She flashed him a smile. “Oh, hello!” she greeted. Though the group of tourists were right behind her, Aelia wasn’t sure if they were the ones the boy was looking for. It wasn’t like she wanted to tell him, anyway. She needed someone’s attention for her issue, or at least someone to point her to the way to the cities. “Where have you been?” she furrowed her brows. “Our tour group left a while ago, I was looking everywhere for you!” she crossed her arms, glaring at him. Aelia hoped this would be believable enough, otherwise she’d have to find another victim. “Come with me, we don’t have much time!” she added, as she reached for his arm.

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°• @Kristi ✧ Calix Wild •°

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Location : Jaisalmer, India

“Our tour group left a while ago, I was looking everywhere for you!”

Calix eyes widened, oh so she was part of his tour group? So then why was she dancing? Eh, she probably felt like fighting. Calix flinched as she reached for his arm. He coughed, “I’m no fan of physical contact, it seemed.” He motioned his head upfront, “So where are we going?” After all, she remembered their tourist group. And he was part of hers, from what she had said. Calix reached for his phone inside his pocket, “Do you have your phone too?”

@idiot.exe - Aelia



“Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature.” ~ Thomas a Kempis


Jaisalmer, India

Women danced to their traditional music giving a nostaligia that Annabelle couldn’t recognize. Around them was a girl, with long, dark hair who stared into the fire as if awaiting a revelation.The girl rubbed her head, a headache had spread throughout and she was growing increasingly uncomfortable with the loud music and the dry humid weather. Annabelle Virgel could not remeber her own name, she did not know why she was here with all these dancing women and tourists. It felt like a fever dream and she could slowly start to feel herself slide into panic. She patted her pockets, and felt a phone in them. Relieved she slid open the phone, looking for information about herself but there was known. The phone was a new model and seemed to be in it’s default state, with no personalization or anyting that could give clues to the trembling girl. There was a single picture on her phone of the bonfire, but it was useless, unimportant.

“Our tour group left a while ago, I was looking everywhere for you!” Tourist group, tourist… that had to be it. She must be a tourist, and even if she wasn’t at least getting to a somewhere like a city can help her find out who she is and where shes supposed to be. She swiveled to the blonde who had said that but got a sense a dejavu looking at the pair. An an uneasy feeling in her gut. Nonetheless she approached the pair as the guy was talking about having a phone. Virgo appraised the two quietly, which must’ve been weird as she was standing in the font of the two and just quietly staring at them. She pinched dug her fingers into her palm before speaking, "I…think I was a part of the tourist group as well, I’m lost. " She waved her phone a little. “Do you mind if I tag along.” Her voice was quiete, perhaps hard to hear among the music but Annabelle wasn’t too confident of these people she had met. She also felt like curling up into a ball and digging into the snad until she made a home there and stay there until she recalled her name.



//Celestial world, gate to the human world//

It’s been a little bit as the punishment of the zodiacs has been executed. Some are throwing a party, and though I too didn’t always agree with the behaviour of Calix, I can’t help but worry about him. I know this is a punishment for the zodiacs and that we as guides must take over their duties until they return. Some are even thinking of taking over the job permanently. As wrong as this feels to me, it’s not my job to meddle with the other zodiacs and their guides.

While mentally debating whether or not to go to the human world to see how Calix is doing, I lean against a pillar while biting the nail of my thumb and tapping my heel with crossed arms. what if he manages to get himself into trouble while he has no memory?! Or fail to find the others and never regain his powers!? I’m not ready to take over, I’m a mentor, I mentor, I don’t rule, I don’t need it.

@CrazyCaliope - Phoenix
@Kristi - Calix (mentioned)


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°• Location ✧ Jaisalmer, India •°

*✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚: ╚═══════*.·:·.☽✧ ♛ ✧☾.·:·.*═══════╝ *✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚:

Aelia had hoped that the man would take her hand, but to her surprise, he pulled away. In return, she could only glare at him. Weirdo. - she thought, despite trying to grab the hand of a complete stranger, because she had no clue how she got here.

“Where are we going?” - he asked, but Aelia had no idea herself. She was hoping to find a way to the city, or at least an area with a medical professional of some sort. Worst of all, she didn’t know her way around at all. It was like she appeared on the sand out of thin air.

Though, all hope wasn’t lost. The stranger reminded Aelia to use her phone, as she nodded as a reply to his question. Despite having somehow lost all memories, she hoped that she still remembered how to use the device. Rummaging through her pockets, Aelia pulled out a relatively big phone, seemingly new as well. Just like the camera, it didn’t seem to have any previous data. No lock, a plain background, and only the default apps. As much as she wanted to scroll through the gallery, she had no hope to find anything of use. And besides, the man was waiting for her.

Though, just as she was about to look for a map or some kind of directions, Aelia noticed a strange woman standing next to the two. She was quiet, an uneasy atmosphere following. The dark-haired woman muttered a few words, barely audible with all the music. She’d mentioned something about a tourist group, about being lost and wanting to tag along.

And now, not only was one person fooled by Aelia’s ‘tourist group’ lies, another had just arrived claiming to be a part of their group. As much as she wanted to run away never to be seen again, two people were better than one.

“Of course, come along!” Aelia flashed her a smile. “How do you people keep getting lost?” she laughed, attempting to stop herself from making a bitter expression. “This boy–” she paused, turning to him. “–What’s your name again?–” she asked him, before turning to the woman again. “–also claimed to be lost!” Whoever the real guide was, they were doing an awful job. And now, Aelia would be the one to take the blame for their carelessness. Not that she’d do better as a guide, that is.

With the new person tagging along, Aelia had hope that she would be of use to provide directions. She turned to the two, gesturing for them to follow her, as she headed to the inside of the fort. It seemed to be a place full of people, judging by how many entered and left. There had to be someone that could point their way out, or if she was lucky, a doctor among them. As they walked towards the gate, Aelia tried to recall whatever she could about her situation, but nothing came to mind. Perhaps it wasn’t too late to mention it to the others…

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°• @Kristi ✧ Calix Wild •°
°• @katabasis ✧ Annabelle Virgel •°

This is so long :sob:

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Location : Somewhere On The Zodiac Realm With : The Minor Celestines

Nylathria stood on the soft, white clouds, a drink in her hand. The scene around was lovely, with golden lights hung on thin, white pillars that appeared out of nowhere. A gorgeous chandelier hung from the sky, lighting up the area. There were party tables with all the food and drinks you could imagine. Instruments floated in the air, playing pleasant music on its own. It was a bit windy with little sparks of colours purple, green, yellow and blue flying in the air. Nylathria smiled to herself, proud of the party she had organised on her own. Not entirely on her own; Aerilyn was there to help as always. Nylathria turned to her girlfriend who was standing beside her.

“Wonderful party, isn’t it? Everything looks so beautiful.” she paused to take a breath. “Thank you for helping me, dear,”

She continued talking to Aerilyn for a while, before seeing someone approach her. She dusted her gown and turned towards the person. Nylathria had worn a dark green and golden gown that didn’t have any sleeves. She had braided her jet black hair and worn golden earring. She had also chosen a pair of glittery green high heels that went well with her dress. Nylathria wasn’t one to dress up, but this was an important occasion. The zodiacs were finally thrown out of the realm. She had to celebrate. She had wanted this for so long. She had wanted power, control, everything she has now… Well, not really, but she will, soon! After the Elemental Gods and Goddesses see the Celestines’ potential, there will be no way they’d refuse to give them control over Earth.

Thinking about this made her happy. Noticing the person approaching her, she contained her sly smirk and turned her attention to them.

“Hello,” she greeted, smiling.

@OhSumana – Aerilyn
@Meekepeek @Kristi @Cadborosa @Tina.g @idiot.exe @CrazyCaliope – Minor Celestines


|| Celestial world || at gate to the human world ||

Right now, Phoenix was sitting atop of Adagio and they were slowly wading through the Keila river just above the Keila waterfall. The duo had been exploring the area for just over a day, no one knowing they slept in the forest overnight, of course. Xe had heard of the area and want to explore the exciting landscape over the 3 km Keila-Joa Park nature trail. When xe was halfway across the river, however, xe felt something at the pit of xyr stomach. Almost as if xe had a gut feeling that something was happening. Though xe ignored it. “C’mon, Adagio, let’s see this astonishing view the locals were talking about.”
A few hours later, the duo found the site and were astounded by the gorgeous nature. It was definitely worth it. Despite this, xe had been there long enough and it was time to move on. Xe tapped in xyr Ostium Crystal and vanished from the Estonian park xe had just been, only to arrive at the Celestial World gate.

Adagio started trotting on through them but Phoenix pulled on his reins, halting him. As xe had spotted Relio standing out there, looking down on humanity. “Hey, why the long face? It looks longer than Adagio here,” Phoenix joked. Adagio neighed, shaking his snout, as if disagreeing. Xe dismounted and walked over to him. “You okay, dude?”

@Meekepeek - Relio



°• Location ✧ Jaisalmer, India •°

"I…think I was a part of the tourist group as well, I’m lost. "

A girl with dark hair said and Calix let out a breath of relief, he was glad he wasn’t the only one who had gotten lost. Maybe she had also forgetting her memories like him? But he doubted it, maybe when he still had his memories the universe love to give him a big middle finger to his face everyday-who knows. The next thing Calix didn’t understand what she had said, but he finally understood and shrugged, “Sure, let’s go catch up with the others.” He turned to face the blonde girl, “She knows were to go” He said referring to blonde girl.

The blonde turned to him, “Calix, I think-” Calix coughed, crossing his arms tightly towards his chest and making his voice deeper “I mean I know, of course I know. My name is Calix, Calix wild and you?” He said asking the both of them. He didn’t know either the blonde or the dark haired beauty name. “I am lost” He said.

The three of them began walking, both Calix and the dark haired girl followed the blonde girl lead. They began walking for a long time and Calix coughed, “Do you even know where we’re going?”

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|| Celestial world || off to the side ||

For at least a week now, Solange had been staying put. Ve was a tree. A rather large and not incredibly old tree, but a tree nevertheless. Ve was observing the lack of conservation efforts of the American logging industry. Days had been lost while ve stood there, and so had been trees. Sap had been leaking down vis truck, the tree’s tears at the destruction. The time had come for ver. The destructive humans and their machinery were coming towards ver. That meant it was time to go. Using vis Ostium Crystal, ve vanished from the forest, leaving rather confused loggers behind, and appear in the Celestial World in tree form.

Solange morphed and noticed there was a party going on. But why? What was happening? Whose Zodiac “birthday” was it and did they always feel the need to celebrate it.

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|| Celestial world || at the centre of the party ||

Kiffa was one of the Celestials who was technically at the trial of the zodiacs. Well, not exactly in the group, but e could hear what was happening. Eir thoughts on the punishment were nonexistent. It was neither bad nor good, it just was. Though e could hear everything that happened, e stayed out of it, away from the discord. Not only did e not want to be around arguing, e also dreaded the idea of sides. Choosing who e agreed with was so much worse than being around squabble. Plus, if e was in close proximity to the trial, e knew that eir power of uncontrollably manipulate the emotions in situation. Fortunately, Kiffa knew to keep eir distance, as some events had to play out. So e stayed just out of reach, binging eir latest discovery; Love on the Spectrum.

A few hours later, when e had finished episode five, Kiffa got up from the couch and headed into the party. E headed for the middle of it and looked around em, unsure of what to do next. E could grab something to drink, maybe a plate of food or just a snack, or perhaps e could start a conversation with someone. Kiffa couldn’t decide. Instead, e just stood there looking lost.

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– Center of the party –

The Zodiac Gods were a mistake, Verania knew that very well. Their behavior that caused the incident proved that they were incapable of keeping the balance in a world. The Elemental Gods were only wasting their time, and the time of the Celestials chosen. No matter how well the Zodiacs had been taught, they eventually lost sight of their duties. They learnt nothing of significance. The Capricorn God was nothing like Verania, so it was no wonder they fell behind. At least, in her perspective.

Despite all, this was the moment Verania was waiting for: their downfall. With her insignificant apprentice gone, she could finally take control. She could prove herself to whoever doubted her, at last.

“What a waste.” Verania scoffed at the speech. “There are many more important things to be taken care of, and Nylathria throws a party!” she complained. Nobody cared about order as much as Verania, it seemed. But, since it had already been done, she wanted to take the opportunity to leave a good impression on the rest of the Celestials. Maybe even convince them to take over as Gods. It might’ve been a bit too late, considering her reputation, but she wasn’t one to give up.

First step would be socializing. Verania hated having to speak without a reason, it was a waste of time. However, it might not have been a bad idea in her situation.

Amid the crowd, she spotted Kiffa. E didn’t seem busy, rather, e seemed to be standing in the center aimlessly. A perfect target. So, Verania went ahead and greeted em. “Kina, nice to see you.” she approached, forcing a smile. “You don’t seem busy, shall we grab a drink?” she suggested. It sounded odd coming out of her mouth. At this moment, Verania was hoping to bury herself, never to be seen again.

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Help she sounds like one of those villains that constantly monologue at a wall


I looked up as I heard the sound of hoofs. Phoenix walked up and asked what was wrong. I let out a sighed chuckle. “You know just worried. I don’t know how your relationship with your zodiac was, but despite us not always getting along, I care about him. I’m just freaking out with the whole punishment going on” I explained as I stroke Adagio’s snout before looking at Xem. “Do you think we should go down to see how they are doing?” I asked worriedly.

I was probably was the only one who was overreacting, but I care about Calix as a brother. I knew my worth and it wasn’t taking over but guiding.

I then let out another chuckle. “This is going to be something, huh?” I asked. “it’s been, what, nothing since the punishment and probably I’m already more stressed than Calix is” I laughed.



Location :Venue of the Party // Zodiac Realm//

Although the purpose of the party was to celebrate their success, was part of the success, Aerilyn being the lurker by passion had managed to stay out of the spotlight for now, which, to be honest, was rather rewarding than disappointing, solely because in the quiet corner the gorgeous Nylathria’s presence was alongside hers. She was already overjoyed, well she pretty much had been like that since Nylathria and her relation was made official and Taurus, finally, was out of the picture. Well he could be in some dump figuring out the meaning of his existence for all Aeri would care.

Aerilyn adjusted her outfit once again out of shyness, at the addressing of ‘dear’, her cheeks blushing simply at that. “I’m so glad you like the decorations, Ny…” ,she somehow managed to reply, “O-of course! It’s an absolute delight to work with you.”, her features brightened up in pride, before she rubbed her neck, “I feel so happy that you’re being understanding to my discomfort in crowd when you could be the center of the night and the life of the party. After all, it’s all our hard work…”

From her peripheral vision, Aerilyn noticed Aella walking up to them. Now personally she did not hold any grudges against her but she was not in the favorites’ list either, being a well-wisher of Gemini. Aerilyn flashed a polite smile at her as she approached Nylathria, portraying nothing of her true impressions on her face and ready to vanish if Aella started to grieve on the unfortunate outcome faced by her dear Gemini or blah blah.

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