1x1 RP Idea Proposal


I have two 1x1 (or small group) RP ideas. Each of which would start very quickly (Within hours to a day), and only require a minimum of two sign-ups, which includes the basic character information.

Idea #1- Inceptives

  • But in this storyline, the first place they wake up is some prison for people with powers. It’s Earth in the future, but a lot like it is now. (Development was a little different there because of the powers.)

Governments realized that they needed to start controlling these powers, or the people that have them. So they made a secret organization that worked together, kidnapping powered people and keeping them underground/out of the world for the rest of their lives, training them to fight if the world ever came to that.

That’s where our characters come in.

Our characters are from the newest recruited group of Powered people, getting ready to move from the first transportation center to their new homes underground. But there’s a problem, getting there. There’s a dangerous snow storm a’ brewin,’ and they’re forced to stop at a special transport rest stop until the morning.

Then the unexpected happens, a giant explosion happens during the night. And our characters are the only ones who survive (We don’t know how or why yet, but they do). Now, they have to figure out what happened… as well as run for their lives too.

And it turns out, the reason the government was so agressively ‘recruiting’ is because there is a threat coming. (Which we can work out the details of later)

Idea #2- Homeland

  • Your character goes about their normal lives, but they notice their world is changing in odd ways. Colors and things are disappearing. As well as people, only to find out they’ve been erased from everyone else’s memory.

One day, their entire world disappears. And they wake up locked in an (unspecified) place. Only to find out that their entire world has disappeared. But it was never real to begin with. (I call this idea Homeland)

There will be a few rules to follow, but otherwise, I the only main requirement is that you’re active.

Which Idea would you be interested in? (You will be added to a planning/sign-up PM.

  • Inceptives
  • Homeland

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@RPers (In case any of you are interested)


I’m interested


Yeah, I’d be interested. Even though I’ve never done a 1v1 rp before


I’d love to but I’m not sure I have time right now. Perhaps at a later date if you make more then I’ll be more available.
Though tag me on the threads, I would love to read them.



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Sounds interesting


I’m interested. :slight_smile:

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I’m interested

I’m interested but I won’t have time for it. But if you do make more later I might be available

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I’m interestante

Added a 1x1-roleplay tag :sparkles: :hibiscus:


Bump! If anyone is interested you may still join :eyes:

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We have a thread looking for rp partners