2) Anoymous Advice- Blue whale

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Blue Whale

"You know the blue whale challenge that’s happening again? I saw so many pictures of that Jonathan account’s face and I’m really frightened. Not really by the actual face, but how it’s associated with such an awful challenge. I know it’s not going to kill me, but this whole event isn’t too great. I can’t sleep right now. I saw images of self harm and it triggered a few memories of a friend who went through a really hard time. I just need some help to calm my mind and sleep without having a nightmare. I shouldn’t have read about that challenge. "

This person’s age range is 18-22

Here is a link to the Blue Whale thread if you his need some info about it

Here is a link to the Blue Whale thread if you his need some info about it

The blue whale challenge is back



Try distracting your self by doing things you like drawing and listening to relaxing music and staying off Social media until things start to calm down. I h Ad a similar story happen earlier this year, a psycho yr 7 kid showed me a video of somebody cutting their arm and it brang up a lot emotions and memories and I started bawling my eyes out but the main reason I calmed down easily is because I had my friends there to help me, so talking about it also helps


I just read that thread you linked with the info, I’m afraid as well. I’ll probably log out of discord, I am listening to music rn to calm down and I will be extra alarmed. I say you do things that relax you, be super careful in social media, and try to take it easy. I know it’s difficult, but freaking out won’t help!

Sends virtual hugs!


@Advisers do you have any advice to give, like any at all?

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Think of something good like kittens, or puppies or anything that you like. You can try doing something therapeutic like listening to raindrop music or colouring a drawing or just simply sitting outside. You can also cry it out if it helps. That way you can feel much better. And try to avoid this topic until you’re comfortable. Talking to your close friends or family may help too.


Try avoiding it, also don’t stress yourself too much over it, try putting your mind to other things


Hey! I completely get how you feel since my brain is mean and tells me that somehow I’m gonna end up in this game or that the people I love are which in all honesty is an awful thought. The thing with stuff like the blue whale challenge and even momo, they are designed to scare people but it only has power if you give it power. So try to distract yourself and don’t do what I did (I read more into it and while it helped me feel like I had more control it also made me feel like I was more vulnerable to it).


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Watch out for blue whale :whale:

Tanqu again :)))