27 Ways to say I hate you

For roleplayers/writers writing ‘angsty’ scenes

  1. “Why do I waste my time with you? Why do I even bother with your @ss? ”

2. "You’re the worst piece of Sht I’ve ever met, and that’s saying something" *

3. *I wish you were never born.”

*4. "You know, I never though I would lower my standards like mom did with dad (or dad did with mom or mother did with mom or father did with dad) . I thought I would always bloom like a flower, but you caught me in the worst times and I was so pathetic I came to you. Thankfully, I am in the right state of mind right now and I couldn’t help think about how I ever loved you? How I sank so low?"

5. "The worst moment of my life? That’s being with you. I despise each moment we spent together, I despise the memory of our lips touching, I despise the memory of our hands touching and I despise the memory of you!. "

6. “Look at you. You’re disgusting.”

  1. "Look at you. You’re pathetic. I’ve truly never seen a sadder sight.”

  2. “Stop doing that!”

  • "Doing what?"*
  •  "Breathing, I hate it when you do that."*
  1. “Any last words?”
  • “Burn. In. Hell.”*
  1. “I Hate you so much”

  2. “Do” They paused “D-do you, care about me?” They asked, an expression of sadness rested on their face. I despise that they thought they could be sad, that they could cry ad everything would be around. I raised my head and looked at them, “I don’t even care if you live or die. If the world was working against you, I would clap the world’s hand for hurting you. The same way you’ve hurt me. Your worst enemy? I would reveal to them all of your secrets.” They stared at the ground, I saw a tear fall from their cheeks “Save your tears, I won’t be fooled by them again.”

  3. “Go. Just Go. Please Leave me alone forever”

  4. “All the months/years you took away from me, I would never get them back. I hate you so much, our friendship really was nothing huh?”

  5. “You’re a sick bastard, you know that?”

  6. “You ruined me.”

  7. "I regret ever saying hello to you in the (the place they met) I regret not ignoring you and walking away. "

  8. “Did you even like me!”

“No. I never wanted to be your friend, I felt sorry for you. You were so pathetic it hurt, And so I pretended to be your friend.”

  1. “You guys deserve each other”

  2. “You should have died instead of them. They had so much to give to the world, you had nothing to give. Their life meant something to me, to everyone but your life meant nothing.”

  3. “I. Hate. you”

  4. “i would unplug your life support to charge my mom”

  5. “My papa and Mama use to say everything is beautiful, every life meant something and I believed them, I really did but that all changed when I meant you.”

  6. “You disgust me.”

  7. " Y/N?"

  •   "Yes?"*
  •   "I hate you more than I hate myself and that's saying something."*
  1. “The world would be a better place without you.”

  2. “If not for the laws of this land, I would have slaughtered you years ago.”

  3. “Friends don’t leave friends like that!”
    “Funny coming from you.”*



May I add?..

“I should loathe you, but I don’t care enough about you to hate you.”


of course!

omg I love this-


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In some of these, I’m not sure if it’s really “I hate you” and not “I hate this thing you do”
At least for me, there’s a difference :sweat_smile:

Buuuuut… @Writers Do you think you can come up with more ways to say “I hate you”?


How about -

“Hate you?..”-smirk- “I wouldn’t waste my time even acknowledging your existence.”


“I look at you and I feel empty. Not anger or sadness or guilt. Where there was once fear in my heart, is filled with the empty void of hatred.”


I wish that I had never laid eyes on you in the first place.
I wouldn’t mourn your death.


WOAH! This is dark, but also SUPER cool. Cheers.

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