5G 'conspiracy' discussion

5g is mobile data that is slowly starting up worldwide, in some, mainly Asian, countries it is already active. However, 5G lead to a lot of conspiracy theories, I will discuss a couple.

For example that it is the cause of corvid or that it is used to cover up the deaths from the radiation. This is false, but lead to people vandalizing the masts and putting themselves and people around them at risk, as well as creating high costs for the owners of the masts.

An article about this:

Another possible conspiracy theory is that 5G would cause autism, this is also false, at least there is no single bit of scientific proof at all for this.

The last conspiracy theory is the one that it would randomly kill birds, this is false as well

What do you guys think of this? Have you heard about any other conspiracy theories about the 5G, or heard anything about it you are not sure is true or not, cause in that case I shall be your fact checker :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Would these topics be merged?


Nope, cause that’s just about that one Facebook post, while this is a general thread to talk about any conspiracies related to 5G, and trust me there are more than just that one :eyes: I’ve slightly edited the thread to make it more clear.


I mean, I agree, it kind of should be merged into this one. This one has more information and that one is just a subset of what could be talked about here.

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It’s fine, it can be merged. I am still trying to find out what the hell people are talking about 5g being installed or something.

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what is going on…

I’ve seen those 5G videos, I don’t get it though.

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Don’t we have robots?

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Same, wth are these people doing.

I mean if you think about it , if the 5g conspiracy was really true, of course they would try to deny it by putting articles out like that. So people will probably never really know the answer.

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Hmmm… who’s to say that it’s actually false? You say there’s no scientific proof to say it’s true, is there any scientific proof to say it’s false… :hushed::sunglasses::wink:

I’ve heard that the wave length of the signal is just bad for our health and that it will higher the risk of cancer but it doesn’t have any relations with covid 19 as far as I know :eyes::sparkles:

Interesting update, it is happening in the Netherlands as well. There were multiple fires close to masts and it’s suspected people did that because they wrote f*ck 5G. I just don’t get it, they blocked the connection so people weren’t able to call the emergency number anymore…

How would you explain thousands of sudden deaths in areas where there is no 5G otherwise? There is not a single bit of logic to people thinking this virus is used to cover up deaths and it wouldn’t make sense either. See what I reply to Cheyara about the autism part.

Because you can’t simply assume something. There is not a single correlation between for example numbers of autism and how far people live away from the masts and no increased bird deaths, so I would say that’s more than enough reason to say these rumors are false.

Yes, unfortunately this most likely is true. There has been research showing a correlation between cancer and different types of masts, and this most likely won’t be an exception for 5G.

I have no idea what that reference is about, but I’m sure you have a point. My remark before though was simply a sarcastic one, just injecting a little spritz of light heartedness in there.

That’s why i said IF (big if) it was true then they would come out with fake articles. I don’t actually know if its true or not.

Bump! :cloud: :yellow_heart: :eyes:

Do people still think this? Really?

What’s your opinion on this? :eyes::sparkles:

I think it’s a nonsense conspiracy designed to make people scared