A Breakup Playlist

Sometimes the best cure for a breakup is a good playlist. Let’s make one together! Share the songs that you think should be included in a breakup playlist!

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Y’all welcome lmao

I love this song a lot.

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Pure desperation
For when u disappointed in them not caring abt u
When u wanna feel femme and are heart broken over like a boy or sum this song kinda straight

https://youtu.be/wwS8QP6vNbI - the song is called b*strd so idk
For when u been done dirty

For when ur hot stuff and they’re gonna miss u
When u wanna scream abt drifting apart
Fa when u miss em heart achingly
For when u wish em the best

U gon need a physical restraining order from me beeshhh


Written abt his dad but yk we all relate in dif ways
Jealous is seggsy

Basically I’m trash do better next time
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Maybe songs with lyrics like I’LL KILL YOU or smth…
Unfortunately, idk any songs with those types of lyrics, but that helps, right?

I swear I honestly thought I already replied to this thread, but since I didn’t…

Idk if it’s a breakup song but it helped me

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