A change for me

Hello everybody (@Announcements)

In the essence of transparency I’m here to inform you that I (the head of general moderation) have decided to switch my focus directly to the forum social medias.

So how does this affect stuff? Well, I’m stepping back from the staff and my staff duties so I can focus purely on our Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channel!

Can we still PM you about stuff? Sure PM me about whatever you want, but bare in mind that our rad staff team are here to help you and while I love to help people and will always try to, that is no longer my role.

Will I still be on the forums? Yes, I’m not going to disappear, you just won’t see me doing any official stuff on here, this mainly affects th staff team as they are going to be dividing up my tasks.

I’ve loved my time working as staff and I’m not stepping down! I’m just stepping away :blush:


I thought you were leaving for a sec and panicked lol


we have a youtube channel?! COOOOOOOOOOL

do watchu need, we love you, and good for you on taking on this big commitment! we’ll miss u~

  • Stan and preesh Elrad

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I’ll take over what I can, if possible.


Okay everyone @Announcements

I just wanted to update you all and clarify any confusion.

When I first announced this, I hadn’t intended for it to sound like I was saying I was stepping down and in my mind I was like “I haven’t said I’m stepping down so that’s pretty clear” and to me that is clear tbh but I do understand that to some of you it might not have been. So I’m going to clear it up:

I meant in terms of the weekly theme and hosting forum events, or making threads as a staff task, basically leader/mod duties because it was becoming too much for me to handle those and the things behind the scenes. So I wanted to focus on social media because those do need focus, they’re pretty important in terms of promotion and outreach. Since I’m in charge of those, they’re my duty so I wanted to focus purely on them while I divided up all the other stuff I was doing.

I said you won’t see my do any official stuff because I was moving to behind the scenes stuff.

I think the confusion may have come from here:

I didn’t mean it as in “my role is no longer head” I meant it to say that things you can PM any mod or leader to handle should be taken directly to them, of course you can still come to me about serious things or if you need anything explaining in terms of the rules (discipline isn’t my role, it’s something all the mods help with but I’m always around for anything related to that).

You can still come to me for title and username changes too! That never changed :blush:


Also I just thought I’d let you all know that I’m still as active as I ever was, I still do many of my behind the scenes things and moderation stuff. The only difference is that I don’t claim any staff tasks. You’ll still see me making announcements and you can come to me about any issue or anything in general. As I said in the OP, my redirection of attention only really affects the staff team because they divided up my tasks.

I hope that clears everything up and I apologise for not clarifying.