A Guide To Sims Mods And Where To Find Them

Sims 4: Guide to Mods
Hello there. So I guess you have heard about the sims mods at some point. Have you been wondering how the heck do we use these suckers? Here is a simple guide to using mods and add some extra stuff in your game to make it better.

What are mods exactly?
Mod is short for modification, or, in this case, game modification. Mods are used to alter one or some of a game’s features, or even to introduce new ones. Mods are a form of custom content in that they must be downloaded and their file(s) must be placed properly.

Sources for mods
There are plenty of sites where you can find mods, here are some of them listed here

How to download them
This is a sort of complicating part.

  1. After you have chosen what you want to download, click on the mod

  2. Then there is more information about the mod, so scroll down and click download

  3. Then click on the computer thing on your computer

  4. Click ‘downloads’

  5. There the mod(s) you dowloaded will appear, so drag them to the main computer screen

  6. Go to ‘documents’

  7. Click ‘Electronic arts’

  8. Click ‘The sims 4’ and then ‘Mods’

  9. Lastly, you drag the downloaded documents which you moved in the main screen into the ‘Mods’ document

And boom once you enter the game, you will find all the mods you downloaded there.

Hope this helps :+1:


For Sims 4 mods, I would strongly recommend getting the UI cheats extension (because it’s convenient), if you don’t already have it. It lets you access a whole bunch of different cheat codes without having to actually type them in, letting you easily adjust things like needs, money, and removing moodlets :thinking:

There are a whole bunch of other mods that are supposed to be helpful making gameplay more realistic, but I can’t think of any that I’ve actually tried out personally.

What are your favorite mods for the game? :eyes: @Gamers

Also, added some tags :sparkles:


Top 3 must have mods:

  1. Slice of Life
  2. MC Command Center
  3. UI Cheats
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what does that one do, I’ve never actually tried it :eyes:

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It adds a bunch of realism,

Losing teeth (for children)
16 Personalities
Invitations to events

A whole lot of stuff


Hmm… I’m pretty sure I’ve never used a mod. Should I and why?

Have you used mods, @SimmersClub & @Gamers?

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I have FreePlay, and I don’t think they have mods. I’d most likely use a Halloween or creepy one, though. Isn’t there one about the Grim Reaper? @SimmersContestClub, what are your favorite mods?


Yeah, there is. Though I always though it was a “cheat” where you can have it stick around to marry it and have a family. @WolfGamerGirl37, do you know more?


Yeah, you can keep the grim reaper around to date him but it does use a cheat. The cheat code puts the grim reaper in your household then from there you can proceed to make a relationship with him. You can flirt with the grim reaper without any cheats but it won’t go anywhere basically.


Yeah, I thought it was a cheat rather than a mod. Cheers.


Yep! There might be a mod but I’m not sure though. I just know about the cheat.


Fair. Possibly not then. Maybe @Jass will know if there is?


About the grim reaper, all I know is that if you add him to your household they lose the grim reaper label. I guess there are mods out there that change things about the grim reaper, vut never looked into it.

Also, I will give a list of mods I (have) use(d) tomorrow, prepare for a long and in depth post!

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Ooooh… that’d be interesting to see.

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Okay, at the moment I have the following mods installed/I have experience with the mods:

(This is not a full list, and I might update it add more to it at a later date)

MC command center

Very useful if you want to actually play god, like you are able to control everything about your sims. Including but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Skills
  • Relationships
  • Pregnancy

I don’t use it very often, but in my opinion it’s pretty fundamental and it is always installed. I feel like I am cheating a lot when using it tho, and I much prefer to achieve things naturally.

UI cheats

Ngl, only thing I use it for is tweaking their needs without having to pause the game. It has many more options, but I don’t really use it for anything else. But it is great at doing what I want it to do!


Another pretty famous one, but a building mod. It allows you to locate objects exactly where you want them to be placed, and even out of the ordinary grid. I am not an excellent builder, and by far not a tool expert, but it’s interesting to play around with it and especially as the perfectionist that I am it is useful I can control building much more detailed than with the regular game.

  • Move (though alt often is easier ngl)
  • Rotate
  • Elevate (things like mirrors that are on a fixed height you can now move)

Languages Barriers

Okay, this is just a fun mod. This mod gives you a few different languages for your sims, and with that an element of culture and personality for your sims. The languages are Simlish, Windenburgish, Selvadoradian, Toki Sulani, Komorebigo, and Sixami. If 2 sims do not speak the same language you will have less options to communicate and there is a huge chance of getting negative buffs if they try to talk. But, they can learn new languages through SimLingo or conversation, so you can make them master all languages. I did a fun storyline with this mod, making very adventurous sims that traveled to the different locations and studied the culture and languages. I still have it installed, but mostly disabled since it does give a notification every time they meet someone new and it’s not always nice to have to learn a whole language to talk to a certain sim.

LGBT mod

Sure, it’s pretty rad basically all sims are naturally pansexual, but not everyone is pansexual and it’s nice to have that diversity among your sims. It offers a whole list of sexualities, as well as genders (and drag queens) through traits you can easily give in gameplay. Plus, it also adds new interactions between sims, events and aspiration. It just gives my sims that bit more uniqueness and allows for some drama. What is also nice is that is not at all intrusive, so the option is always there and you can use it whenever you want but if you aren’t interested in using it for a certain save file/household, it doesn’t affect your game.

WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul

I do not use all modules, but I do use it to define the pregnancy wish of my sims. It just adds some realism and personality, not everyone wants to have kids. It also adds a lot of new interaction for relationships and pregnacy. Like the LGBT mod, it has a lot of options, but is not intrusive if you don’t want to use it!

SimNation Travel

This basically adds functional cars in the sims 4. Well, a transportation portal disguised as a car. But it’s pretty nice.
Furthermore, it adds passports, and more preparations for holidays, which is fun as it just adds a bit of realism and gameplay. Definitely works really well with the languages mod as well!

Pre-Teen mod

It adds an extra life stage of pre-teen, there will be unique interactions but it is still in development, and it’s not yet that good, but it has a lot of potential as it’s quite a big change from kid to teen in the sims. The appearance of the pre-teens is already really nice, so I have high hopes for the add-ons coming out! However, it is a bit intrusive as in it affects more sims than those you want to make a pre-teen, since you have to apply lotion after your sim showers from (pre-)teen up or they get a negative moodlet, but hopefully that will be solved soon so it isn’t intrusive anymore.

Wonderful Whims

Wonderful Whims allows you to give your sims preferences in what they find attractive in other sims. Just that uniqueness adds so much to my gameplay, and it is always interesting to see who a sim would autonomously find attractive and let them pursue the sim they selected. Plus, it adds personality types based on the traits you select, which is very rad as well.

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OMG! There’s so many.

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