A new computer game free on thanksgiving and Christmas

Epic game is getting ready for a new free game on thanksgiving and I thought I would share it with you all.

Anyone planning on getting the game.

If you want to see how to work on mud runner
Here a video on how it works
Warning you may her inappropriate language or otherwise dying with laughing :laughing:

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Man I actually already own mud runner :skull:

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I don’t have it yet but thank goodness for epic game free game every Thursday. I got grand theft auto from the same place but I still haven’t got to work on trying to get the game to work.

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Tbh I keep forgetting they release new games so I never get them-

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You can check on Twitter when they release them. I did get grand theft auto 5 but still have trouble with getting it started so I look on rockstar supporters and hopefully I can get it to work on Tuesday

Grand theft auto 5 was the criminal pack too. But unfortunately it was free last May.

Later today 11am east coast mud runner is free until next Thursday.
Don’t forget to get it or tell your friends. It one thing you can do during pandemic.

If you haven’t check out epic game, make sure you do, free game every Thursday or check on Twitter too.

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Thanks you. :grin:

Head up free game until next Thursday.
Mystery game released soon.


What game do think epic game will release for next Thursday.

Here a thing you can read on epic Games website that 15 day of free game.

You seriously don’t want to miss out on free game. Started next Thursday.

I hope snow runner is free because that game looks wicked

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Head up Game will be until 11am eastern time zone and you don’t want to miss out on game you may want to play. Who know if grand theft auto 5 will be free since some of you miss it.

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I found out what game could be free but the game could change without warning :warning:

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First game is this on epic game .
Plus if you don’t know mud runner is on iPhone and google play.

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Here this game free until 11am

What game do you think it free tomorrow

Sorry I was getting my haircut earlier but here the game free on epic game for all the gamer out there

Inside is free until 11am today

Here a game free but early access for you