A Warm Welcome From ShanniiWrites

Hi! Welcome to the ShanniiWrites Forums! I’m the owner and I’m glad to have you here.


The ShanniiWrites Forums are here for you to chat about creative writing, roleplay to your heart’s content, enjoy yourself and make new friends.

We are a diverse group of creatives! We have artists, Episode writers, Wattpad writers, avid readers, roleplay enthusiasts, gamers, film buffs and so, so many other people. I’m sure you’ll find something you enjoy and you can be a part of.

Joining a forum can be overwhelming, so I thought it would be a good idea to give you a run-down of what we do here so that you can get the best experience possible out of your time here. Hopefully, you’ll want to come back again and again!

Starting Up

If you’re new to the Forums, please feel free to introduce yourself! We have another Welcome to the Forums thread which is perfect for newcomers to post.

Just make sure you put more than just a simple “hi”. If your first post ever is too short, our system will think that you’re a spam bot and your profile will be put on hold until a moderator can confirm that you’re human. For more information on that, we have made a whole post talking about it.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the rules. However, they can be a little bit complicated, so I’ve also created a few other posts to (hopefully) explain how we flag things:

If you have any questions, please feel free to come to me! Or even post a question on Your Forum Questions Answered!

I recommend turning your forums to Dark Mode, but that’s just me! I prefer it that way! If you would like to use the Dark Mode, we have a great tutorial on how you can turn it on.

And it’s always important to know how profiles work! If you want to get to grips with it, I suggest looking at our tutorial on how to make the most out of your profile.

Otherwise, we have lots more tips and tricks to help you!


Our lovely Head of Moderation, @ChaoticDeluge, has been kind enough to put together a list of all of the categories available on these forums (so far) and what they’re all for. If you would like to know more about where to post things, this is your best starting point!

That is ideal for anyone looking for a guide of where they should post their newest topics. Below, I have some suggestions for you based on what you’re looking for in the forums.

For Writers


If you’re a writer, awesome! I’m a writer, too, and I value being able to chat to other people about creative writing. We have a whole forum category dedicated to writing – the Writing Chat – so I recommend checking that out!

There’s so much you can chat about in the Writing Chat! Share your goals, struggles and achievements. Give us your best tips. Ask for some tips! Or maybe you just want to chat to some like-minded people? We’d love to see you post!

Of course, no man is an island and we all need some help from time to time. If you need a piece of art or a cover or some proofreading, we also have a category for that: Request Services.

The Request Services section is perfect for anyone who is looking for help or wants to offer their skills to help others:

  • Find artists who are looking for work in Art Commissions. They may charge money or they might want credit in your story. What they charge is up to them, so you’ll need to work that out with the artist.

  • Search for people who can edit and/or proofread your stories in Editing Servies.

  • Looking for someone to write with? Check out Find a Writing Partner.

  • If you just want some informal feedback on your work, post a passage over on our Writing Feedback section.

Of course, we are always looking for ways to support one another here on the ShanniiWrites Forums. If you want to share your work or support a writer you love, we have the Share category for that! There are many things you can do there:

The Restricted Section

Our main forum is PG13. That means keeping the swearing to a minimum and keeping it child-friendly when it comes to sex, drugs and violence.

However, we did not want to silence our more mature writers out there! So we created the Restricted Section. This is a closed section of the forums which is available for $3 a month through Patreon. Or, you can get it along with some of our other higher-paying tiers, too!

With the Restricted Section as a writer, you’ll be able to share all of your mature stories, request mature covers or just chat about the things the kids probably shouldn’t know too much about.

If you would like to be part of the growing adult community, all of the details can be found on our post about it.

As well as getting access to the Adult part of the forums, you’ll also ditch those pesky ads, get a new title (Forum Illuminati) and have my utmost gratitude for helping me keep this place up and running.

Just please make sure to use the same email address on Patreon as on here! That way, the system will automatically sync them up.

Of course, there are still restrictions in the Restricted Section. We love mature writing, but it has to have an actual storyline or plot. It can’t just be constant, unending gore or smut. Sorry!

For Readers

Of course, a writer is nothing without their readers! And we do love them!

So if you’re into reading books, Wattpad stories, Episode stories or anything else, we’ve got a space for you! Plus, we don’t forget about the comic book fans, the gamers, the YouTube fans and the avid film buffs. We love you, too!

I recommend checking out the following categories:

For Artists


Here at ShanniiWrites, we love our artists. Our amazing staff members @ChaoticDeluge and @fcukforcookies are amazing at art, just off the top of my head! And I know they’re not the only ones, so there are plenty of people to chat to, get tips from and bounce off of.

We have tons of resources for the artists out there!

Feel free to advertise your art services on our forum. You can charge money. You can ask for an art piece in return. You can ask for credit and recognition. It’s completely up to you! As long as you’re honest, you follow the rules and you deliver on your promises, you’re welcome to advertise as you please.

We have a whole section that is perfect for you! Art Commissions!

If you want some help and advice, we have an Art Feedback section that will probably be helpful. I know @ChaoticDeluge is always happy to chat to people about art if he’s not busy being a scary mod or working. @ him, if you would like!

Our most successful thread for getting art feedback is probably Share Your Work. It’s a great thread and I would highly recommend it!

If you would like to look for some fun exercises to help you improve or you have some suggestions yourself, we also have the Art Exercises category.

The Restricted Section

As I mentioned before, the main forum is PG13. We love our NSFW (Not Safe for Work) artists, but as with our mature writers, we don’t want to bombard the younger members of the community with things that might not be suitable for them.

So, if you would like to sell, promote or view NSFW art, the place for you is the Restricted Section. You can access this through a $3 a month tier, which will get you an ad-free experience, two extra categories in the forums, a Forum Illuminati title and my utmost gratitude.

For Roleplayers


We love our Roleplayers! Roleplayers can get treated really badly in some communities, and we hate that! We respect and love all of our roleplayers! In fact, we think that getting involved in roleplays is a great way to improve your writing!

Our Roleplay community is budding at the moment, and we would love it if you could be a part of it and help us grow. If you’re new to the Roleplay scene, we have a great tutorial for you to have a look at.

Otherwise, please feel free to jump on down to the dedicated Roleplays category to get started!

We also have the @RP-Mentors and @RP-Apprentices who are here to help you get on board and feel as welcome as possible. They know a lot more about Roleplay than I do, and their job is to help you! So if you’re struggling, @ them and they can help!

There is also a guide on how to RP/SG

We want to know how we can make life better on the forums for Roleplayers, so please feel free to DM me, @ShanniiWrites, or make a thread in the Site Feedback category!

The Restricted Section

Since the main part of the forum is PG13, we have a Restricted Section! That’s for all of your saucy Roleplays, as well as the gory ones, or anything else that might not be suitable for 13-year-olds to see.

As long as your thing is legal in the UK/US/EU, you can make a roleplay about it in the Restricted Section Roleplay category! Yes, we are looking for a dedicated mature furry roleplay community. :eyes:

At the moment, we don’t have an active Roleplay community in the Restricted Section, but we’re hoping that will change, soon. So if you’ve got a group of mature Roleplayers and you’re looking for a home, the Restricted Section is open to those on the $3 Patreon tier!

For the Social Butterflies

Do you want to chat with people? What about having a discussion or debate? Make new friends? Rant? We have a place for you!

In fact, the whole of the General Chat section is ideal for anyone who wants to find friendly people to talk to or debate with. You can even debate with me! I’m up for it!

Our Forum Games are a great way to make new friends! They’re great for a bit of light-hearted fun.

The Restricted Section

Of course, not all fun, friendly discussions are appropriate for 13-year-olds. That’s why we have a dedicated General Chat category in the Restricted Section! If you want to chat to adults about adult stuff, consider becoming a $3 patron on Patreon for all of the perks you get!

Where to Go For Help

We have a dedicated staff team available to help you! You can find out who they all are in the Forum Staff thread:

If you need help, you want a thread closed, you have any questions or there’s drama that needs to be taken care of, just @ the @ForumStaff and we can handle it for you!

If you want help that is specifically to do with Roleplay, the @RP-Mentors and the @RP-Apprentices are definitely the best people to talk to.

The ShanniiWrites Website

This forum is in conjunction with the ShanniiWrites Website. That’s where I give all sorts of tips and tricks about becoming a better writer, as well as acing English exams. If you’d like to look around there, the little home icon on the top right should work.

If you survived this long, that’s amazing! And welcome again! We hope you enjoy your time here!



I love this!


Hi guys!

I’m Rains/Rainy or you you can call me Niki, I don’t mind.

I’m one of the @RP-Apprentices

I’m not as experienced as our lovely mentors but I’m always happy to help and my pms are always open!



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Dark mode is cool! Finally a forum that doesn’t murder my eyes :sob:

But is there a way to make the text bigger? It’s tiny :flushed:


Zoom in on your device? :grimacing: Idk if there is a way of making font bigger on here. (This probably seems like I’m following you around the forum) :joy:


In your preferences I believe there is a way, actually


@MeghanWrites if you go into your preferences and tap interface you should see this :wink:


Ooh thanks :smiley_cat: