Adjective Attributes!

Adjective Attributes!

You will be given 3 adjectives, and it is your job to create a list of as many objects as you can that match that description.

  • To win, you must list the highest number of points to match the description.
  • You will have to list the nouns in a google form to ensure that no one else copies your answers.
  • The person who comes up with the highest number of accurate nouns wins, and gets to choose the next 3 adjectives to be used in the next round!

The adjectives are (drumroll please) :drum:
Whimsical, Cute, Pink.

The more adjectives it matches, the more points awarded to the word.


  • If the object matches one adjective, it will be awarded one point.
  • If the object matches two adjective, it will be awarded two points.
  • If the object matches three words, it will be awarded three points.

Points will be totaled in the end, the highest number of points wins.

i’ll start it out easy for the first one, hopefully there’ll be enough participants for this to continue! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hibiscus:

The Deadline is April 10th.
Depending on the responses, I will either elongate or shorten this time limit.

Here is the google form:

How to fill out the form:

On the form, there are designated spaces for the ones that match certain descriptions.

i.e. List nouns that match the description green and healthy:
(You’d list things that fit those two) Broccoli, cabbage, celery, kale, apples, etc.

If you have any questions or are confused at all please tag me! This is a trial run, and I’ll help in any way to make it go as smooth as possible.


(Apologies if you didn’t want to be tagged :sweat_smile:)



Sounds cool, remind me to join later please :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::smiley_cat:


I did it, kind of got a bit bored so I just submitted what I already did

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I’ll maybe use only 1 adjective next time…

There’s really no incentive to play :flushed:

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I think it’s good though

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@Rose please close this thread due to monkeys!

Thanks! :monkey:

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Closed as requested by OP :heart: