Advantages and disadvantages of group studying

So, I’ve never done this, but my personal perception of it would probably be a group of people gathering together to study.
Personally, I’d say it depends on the company, whether or not it’d be a good idea. Either way, here’s my list of advantages and disadvantages for yall to mull over.


  • Able to help each other with difficult topics
  • Share study strategies
  • Company makes everything better
  • Can take regular breaks to socialise
  • Good energy would help the process
  • Share notes if someone missed stuff
  • Can test each other
  • Adds something to look forward to afterwards (if it’s some kind of sleepover thing)


  • People could get distracted by each other
  • Drama would cause disruptions
  • Could turn into more party than study
  • If chaperoned, sharing could be prohibited
  • Lots of distractions

@Students @Discussions - do you guys have anything to add to this?


This is my main issue with group studying, I get so distracted by everyone else and what they are doing that I can’t really focus on what we’re actually trying to study.

And the breaks to socialise which might be an advantage for some people is actually a disadvantage for me because it stresses me out :sweat_smile:

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While I do sometimes study with another group of people, I often study with one group - a group of boys. There are usually 3 of them, but sometimes 4 or 5 depending on the test and what classes we have together and they are so distracting. THEY LITERALLY NEVER SHUT UP.
AND, unless I’m studying 15 minutes before the test that morning with a different guy, I never learn anything. I’m the only one that takes notes so I’m the only one that can ask questions!
It makes me very angry. Yet I still go to a certain class to study with those bozos every day.

@Discussions come share your advantages and disadvantages.


If I was surrounded with people who study, I will feel motivated to study but the disadvantage is that some people learn faster than others and might take more time on a topic that you can do in a few mins

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:sob: why do you still study with them

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Because they’re fun to be around and without me they’d absolutely fail every class.

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