Adventures with Dungeons and Dragons: Sign Ups

Hi everybody! Welcome to my new “RP”! It will be heavily modeled off of Dungeons and Dragons, although a bit less precise and meticulous. You won’t need to understand any of the rules/policies of D&D to play. What you need to really know boils down to: roll a dice to determine how well you do an action.

If this works well, I plan on this RP to be a series of semi-related adventures. (If not, I’ll discontinue it and never speak of it again) At least for the first few, I plan on letting people vote on a set of adventures that they want to go on. Characters can join and leave adventures at their own discretion, so I plan on keeping sign ups open for the duration of the RP. Perhaps one more piece of information you should know is that D&D is quite largely combat based, so there will be combat encounters. This doesn’t mean you have to attack everything you see–the deception skill could get you surprisingly far–but it is an inherent focus of the game.

For now, feel free to create some characters that I can add to the faceclaims and talk to other people who want to play and figure out some premade relationships.
If you’re having issues with the sign ups or want me to help you with them, PM me or comment in the sign ups.


Additionally, vote for the first adventure. Details are below, just pick the ones you’d wanna play or select neither. I’m hoping to figure out what kinds of campaigns the people who are interested in this like. I plan on starting this in around a week, so I’d appreciate if characters could be turned in by then.

Possible Campaign Info

Death House

Won initial popular vote

TL;DR: Free a house from being cursed by the remains of a whole bunch of cultists who were killed by an evil vampire they revered

World Lore:
Death House is the name given to an old row house in the village of Barovia. The house has been burned to the ground many times, only to rise from the ashes time and again—by its own will or that of Strahd. Locals give the building a wide berth for fear of antagonizing the evil spirits believed to haunt it. The wealthy family that built the house practiced the dark arts. Through seduction and indoctrination, they expanded their cult to include a small yet nefarious circle of friends. When word got out, the rest of the village turned a blind eye to the house and the nightly debaucheries happening within it.The cult tried to summon malevolent extraplanar entities with no success. The cultists also preyed on visitors, sacrificed them in bizarre rituals, and hosted morbid banquets to feast on their corpses. When nothing came of these ritualized murders, the cultists’ activities became thinly disguised excuses to indulge their lurid fantasies. The ranks of the cult thinned as members began to lose interest in the debacle. Then Strahd von Zarovich arrived. The cultists regarded Strahd as a messiah sent to them by the Dark Powers. Drawn to Strahd like moths to a flame, they pledged their devotion for a promise of immortality, but Strahd turned them away, deeming the cult and its leaders unworthy of his attention. The cult-ists withdrew to Death House in despair. The cult’s habit of trapping and devouring wayward visitors proved to be its downfall. On one occasion, the cult snared a band of adventurers whom Strahd had lured to his domain to be his playthings. A black carriage arrived at Death House soon thereafter, and from out of its black heart stepped the vampire himself. The cultists tried to impressed Strahd. In response, he slaughtered them for slaying his playthings. Centuries later, the cultists’ spirits haunt the dungeons under the house. The building itself, it seems, is unwilling to let the cult be forgotten.

Forest of Forgotten Dragons

newcomer to the ring, feels like quite classic D&D

Forest of Forgotten Dragons features some suspiciously missing cattle and a cult of dragonborn (cults seem to be popular in the premades I’ve found).

Our heroes take a contract leading them to a town plagued by disappearing cattle. Investigations
will lead the party to a forest where defunct albino dragons are cared for by an excited hermit
who has been driven dangerously close to town by an unknown force to the north. It seems a
dragonborn cult has learned of this strange flock and seeks to cleanse these impure dragons to gain
favor with the gods. Can our heroes save these forgotten dragons? Will they have the know-how or
strength to overcome this fearsome cult?!

  • Death House
  • Forest of Forgotten Dragons
  • Neither

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Username Type Turned In?
line123462 Non-binary Wood Elf Bard
Mage158 Female Tiefling Sorcerer
Sophia1233 Female Dragonborn
idiot.exe Male Rogue
Secreterz Male
Secreterz Female



Pff that’s a mood, if something doesn’t go well pretend it never happend :joy:


can I reserve a male then?

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I really wanna get into d and d but I havent the chance, though I do have a few of the manuals

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It’s really fun! I definitely recommend it. It’s fun to play with a bunch of friends and come up with super interesting stories.

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I would love to join this rp

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I am trying so hard to make the charatere but I am not sure what a lot of it is,

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Yeah, it’s really complicated. The races (elf, dwarf, etc.) give some minor bonuses to play. The classes largely determine your playstyle–there are a few magic users, ranger (who uses bows, arrows, swords, and is good a tracking), a rogue (who uses knives, swords, and can disarm traps), and a few others. Is there any particular character that you’re thinking of making?

There are also specific presets that the game recommends if you just want to get started, so if you’ve decided on a class, you can use those and pick a race that gives helpful attributes.

I have done that its the spells I struggle with now

Ah, yeah, there really are a lot of them. Which class did you pick?

Moved to sign-ups :hibiscus:

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Okay, the recommended bard spells are the “dancing lights” and “vicious mockery” cantrips and the spells “charm person”, “detect magic”, “healing word”, and “thunderwave”.

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Can I reserve a girl?

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Yes! I’ll add you to the reserves.

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Reserve a female! I am lowkey so excited! Will all classes be allowed or just those from the basic rules?

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You can be any of the classes in the player’s handbook: barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, warlock, and wizard. :grin:


I’ll be making a character, hopefully. I have a passion for DnD so it will be fun to try this! Let me know if there is a specific gender you prefer, I have no issue with either. Also if there’s any Race or Class you’re low on.

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Cool. Thanks!

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