Among us - Forums edition - Game 6 - signups ✨ (check the first post for open signups!)

I almost forgot about this, but here it is! We’ll start at 2020-11-05T12:00:00Z if that works for everyone (we can also pick another time if everyone agrees) :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:
Here are all the details, feel free to ask questions below!

Among us - forum edition

10 players/ 2 imps

Possible tasks:

  • Create 3 threads in X section
  • Like X comments
  • Create X polls
  • Make X posts
  • Upload a picture on a specific thread
  • Welcome new users
  • Ask the question star X questions
  • Bump X threads
  • Join 1 competition on the forums
  • Post X pictures/GIFs
  • Receive X likes
  • Read X posts
    & Others

How emergency meetings work:

  • There will be a thread created beforehand
  • Post “EMERGENCY MEETING” and tag the game host

→ wait until your game host comes online, no tasks/killing/sabotages until then (feel free to @ me on discord)

→ the game host will set the thread timer to 5 mins and @ everyone. This will be your discussion time.

→when the thread closes/ the timer runs out, the host post a poll and reopen the thread for 3 mins. This will be your voting time.

→ the game host will eject the person who got the most votes

You’re not allowed to discuss strategies with the other imp!

How to kill/sabotage:

  • Name the person you want to kill in the PM

→ You have 10 mins from the moment you say the person to reply to 10 of their posts/threads to successfully kill them (send the posts as proof in the pm) → if you don’t succeed, you’ll have to wait 5 minutes until you can try to kill the same person again
→ you have a 5 mins kill cooldown after a successful kill

  • You have these options for sabotage:→ you always have to message the host trough your pm first

→ crewmates always have 20mins to fix something before they automatically lose (game hosts should set the topic to close after 21 minutes)

Option 1: Sabotage the post counters! (no tasks completed during this time will count)

→ count to 50 together to fix it

Option 2: Everyone gets muted! (no tasks completed during this time will count)

→Like 50 posts in total on the game thread to unmute everyone (just @ the host when you’re done, they’ll check it)

Option 3: The internet stopped working! (no tasks completed during this time will count)

→ create 10 polls on the polls thread to fix it

There will be no venting/door sabotaging because that would complicate things too much

Feel free to tag some people who you think might be interested :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:


Game 1 - imps won - @/CerealKiller & @/Soleil
Game 2 - imps won - @/Secretz & @/Nil & @/Dusk
Game 3 - imps won
Game 4 - crew won

Open signups:

Possibly interesting links:
Interested in hosting the among us forum game?

Among Us - Forum version ~ Feedback thread


@Utensils? :pleading_face::point_left::point_left:




Oh and if someone dies I’ll put a message saying “X is dead” onto the last thread the imp replied to to kill them, you report by quoting it into the emergency meetings pm :eyes::eyes::green_heart:


YESYEYSYEYSYEYS :star_struck::star_struck::electric_plug::electric_plug::3rd_place_medal::raised_hand::raised_hand::tada::tada:


And if someone from another timezone is willing to help me, there can be another game at a different time! :eyes::green_heart:





Oooh I’d love to! :star_struck:

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@TheDancingFryer @passionfruit we should host a superior PST round :sunglasses:


epic :star_struck:

but I’m awake at 4 am :star_struck:

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ohp 7am
I wake up justttt after that lmaoo

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ya okay

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yes we should :sunglasses: something like 6 pm

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If qe get 5 more people to sign up, we can have 2 games at once :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

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I’d sign up but the time isn’t convenient :cry: maybe next time :eyes:

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when this start

OH OH the time good

dangerous word