An Glossary for Those Studying English at University

Hi all!

I have a new tutoring update in the making right now.

I realised that there isn’t a comprehensive glossary that combines all the academic subject vocabulary for English language and English literature out there (including storytelling, narratology, rhetoric, theatre, linguistics, etc). So, I’m setting out to make one!

This is a much more manageable project than making a book or something. It works much better with my neurodivergent brain, because I don’t need to wait until I finish everything to release it like I did with the other projects I wanted to create (e.g. a textbook on worldbuilding).

It matches the course structure I’m going for, too, where I can keep adding new stuff over time.

It’s quite short right now, but let me know if there are any words that you’d like me to explain. It’s locked behind a paywall because I’m trying to make this website thing work. However, let me share some screenshots!

This is what the archive page looks like.

A single entry in the glossary.

This is what a tooltip looks like when you hover over it.

I’ve got over 1800 words that I can add to this over time. It’s a good thing I abandoned writing this out as a book! The last time I added to my book form, there were less than 500 words on the list. Now there are way too many! I’d just have never published and gotten really depressed.

Let me know if you have any feedback, or if you’d like access!


As I said, the page is behind a paywall. However, if you’re still interested in knowing what the link is, here it is!


Update update: now, people can actually read the basic stuff on there without a membership. However, all the examples and further details are hidden behind a paywall!

Like this

The glossary is looking pretty good, people! Please let me know if you have any feedback or if you want me to add any words that you struggle with in English class.

I’ve planned well over 1800 words, so I could really use the eyeballs on the pages to make this work!

P.s. new words have been added and I’m excited to keep adding more!

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There’s a new term going up today! Very excited!

I am powering through these now that I don’t have to worry about writing all of them before I publish.

I think the whole “updating in chunks” thing works way better for me than trying to publish books.

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