Anonymous Advice

Hey, so about 2 weeks ago I did a poll asking about an anonymous advice thread and most people liked the idea so I’m doing it.
Also there will be Links to every thread about the anonymous advice here so you can easily find one😁

what is it

Well if somebody wants advice on a situation they may feel embarrassed or scared to do publicly then they’ll fill out the Google form then I’ll make a thread about it and the person who asked for advice will get it without feeling embarrassed pleas tell me if this makes sense cause I’m bad at explaining things

How do I submit my situation that I need advice on

All you will need to do is fill out this Form and join the @Advisers tag so you get the notification wheb I post the thread you are done. I’ll check it every 2 days.


Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged but you thought it was a cool idea but you said yea so…hehe
If you want to be notified every time I make a thread then join this tag: @Advisers

@SnowyStar, @Jass, @Fraud, @Eliza, @rozie, @Mouschi, @BlackBlood, @AnnSza, @Eccentric, @E_bee, @Idiot.exe, @anon80318563, @Crispy.Christi, @Rose, @Yomama, @LHT, @ThirstyChickenNugget, @ThePoeticRaven, @OreoBiscuit, @Quinn, @TheDancingFryer, @StarMaryGoth
Also @Estelle I thought you might be interested hehe

I think that is all, please tell me if you think I have forgotten anything

The AA threads
  1. Crushing
    1) Anonymous Advice - Crushing

  2. Blue whale
    2) Anoymous Advice- Blue whale

  3. sexuality Crisis
    Anonymous Advice - Sexuality Crisis

  4. Crushing part 2
    Anonymous Advice - Crushing part 2


Ohhh, love this! :heart_eyes:


Thank you :heart:


Added some tags and moved to discussions :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::smile_cat:

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Okie thank you


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I joined the group!


Yay, thx

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Hehe I’m an idiot


I think you should just post them the way the person submitted them :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

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That makes sense- I’m kinda dumb

We have our first thread open now, go give advice :grin:

Also does it look okay?

Here is the link:


We’ve got our 3d post up

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@Advisers or @Discussions do you guys need any advice?


AA no. 4 is out

Moved into general chat

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Okie, thanks

Closed due to inactivity :innocent: