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I cant stop staring at this really pretty girl and I dont know if Im bisexual or not. What if people notice me staring?



Honestly? One of my friends ditched me. Its a matter of fact that all the fucking popular girls are kissing up to her like she is Jesus or something.



I was the one who made a fuss for not replying. I think Ive gone too harsh, about the grudge issue at least.
Just want to make things clear, I dont help people to make me feel better, I help them because I want to help them genuinely, but I want some appreciation in return, so I can continue to help others . Also, its not the first thing theyve done that, thats what makes my heart break, so I believe they ignored my message on purpose.
Fyi, she posted on other threads an hour later after my replied, so the possibilities of it is very low.

If you expect others to be grateful for your help, it means that at least partially you expect people to make you feel better. But again, there’s nothing wrong with it. I don’t hide that a lot of times I help people just to feel better about myself. And it’s fine, it’s way more better to do good stuff for attention or gratitude then to do bad stuff for other reasons.
And I’m sorry, because I was too harsh about it the other day, since I wasn’t in the best state of mind. So I apologize. My advice is just try to let go of these feelings, because you will have this kind of situations in future, where you do something good for someone, and you will be disregarded or even used. Just learn your lessons, and avoid these people if they make you feel angry or bad.



Im turning 18 in a couple weeks and tbh Im really scared... You know being a young adult and doing all those adult things. I worry about me messing up with paying bills ,getting in debt and all that stuff.... Im not excited about my birthday at all :(

Just know that everyone goes through it. And I’m sure you aren’t the dumbest out there (obv I dunno who you are, but just statistically speaking) so with the help of adults you will figure it out. Adult life comes with a lot of responsibilities, but also a lot of freedom.



I overheard my friend purging and I feel like vomiting right now out of disgust. I cant help but feel disgusted and I know I should be more understanding about her disorder, but even thinking about it makes me really disgusted and takes away all the sympathy I have. I feel really terrible and evil but I dont know how to stop this.

Sometimes we can’t help our feelings. We all have these little things that take the best of us, and no matter how hard you try you can ignore them. I think it’s good you are trying to get over them, but maybe you just need more time. And maybe focusing on the positive sides of your friend will help.



Before I got to Highschool I thought all girls wore makeup (well most girls anyway). It was just one of those sterotypes that I believed in those cliche movies. Then, when we went on a trip, I was surprised to learn that a beautiful girl wasnt taking her "makeup" off! For some reason, I thought that beautiful people didnt exist in real life. I almost said something, really glad I didnt, Im just thinking about that now and that would have been very embarrassing. But yeah, crisis avoided. Now I find nearly everyone beautiful in real life, with or without makeup.


My advice: if you don’t want to go into debt, don’t live above your means. For every paycheck you get, put at least 10% aside into a savings account you can’t easily touch. That way, you can build up a safety net. Do you have a safety net with your parents, either in terms of a small amount of money (like if you need to put first, last and security deposit down for an apartment but don’t have that much and they might loan it to you temporarily) or if you need, housing after you turn 18? Don’t be afraid to use what’s available to you. Just knowing it’s there can help. If that’s not an option, do you have any friends who are like chosen family who would let you crash on their couch? If so, you have a little bit of a safety net already!

If you have/get a credit card, give yourself a limit much much lower than the actual credit card limit per month so you pay it off in full every single month. Treat it like a debit card, only spend what you have in the bank and don’t treat it like a loan because the extra fees you will pay are crazy high. Maybe get a money tracking app like You Need A Budget (YNAB) or Mint to get an understanding of your expenses. I also recommend the online bank Simple because you can set goals, like I want to have $500 for vacation in August and it will “take” money out of your account and put it in a goal amount and instead of showing you all of your money, it’ll show you a “safe to spend” amount that doesn’t include your goals money.

Try not to go into debt going to university (if you’re in the US, this is hard), unless you’re going into a field with a high enough salary to compensate for it like computer programming, engineering, or something you will be likely to find a job in. That said, your major doesn’t have to dictate your life, nor do you have to go to uni if you don’t want to.

Turning 18 is a big step, but hopefully the transition into adulthood will be fairly smooth and you’ll be frugal with your money so that you won’t have to worry too much about debt. Self-reflect on what type of spender you are currently and see if you need to change those habits when it’s your own money or if you just need to stay the same and not get tempted by materialistic things you don’t really need! That’s the way many people get into debt (especially credit card debt).

The freedoms will be worth the stress, I think!


You’re worried about paying bills?

Okay let me give you a smol pep talk

I’m 18 and my life has not changed :slightly_smiling_face:

Might as well still be 17

Donut worry about paying bills until you move house and even then your parents will probs help you manage your finances.

If you’re that worried though just get a small job. Especially now around Christmas because they always need more help.

But yeah I was you before my birthday I full on panicked about it but really I haven’t changed.


I love love love stories like this. I’ve been working on a story that is sort of but not really related to the alternate universe theme myself.
I don’t think these type of stories would ever get boring or if it does, it probably won’t for a long while because of the large amount of things that could happen with those types of stories and how different they usually are from one another.
It’s going to be hard to write about themes that have not already been written so please continue with your story. If you have really taken the time to develop your story and your characters then your story will not run to the ground because it will be evident in your writing making the story enjoyable for the readers. Don’t worry about what others have done just focus on what you can do and what you’re good at doing.
Please publish your story and if you do, let me know because I would love to read it.


You should never try to talk to my teachers then, they always do that :upside_down_face::eyes::sparkles:

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