Anonymous Questions Staff Edition

Sixth Question All Staff Members
Of the staff members that are not RPers, what can we do to have you join in an RP?
Absolutely nothing for me, I’m not an RPer but I will help with ideas if you need someone to bounce them off of.

Seventh Question All Staff Members
For the staff members that are RPers, have you tried convincing those that dont RP to join in and RP?

Eighth Question All Staff Members
What types of threads would you like to see more of?
This is another tough question. I would say more fun forum games. Interesting topic threads that will bring more users in. Also, in truth we would like everyone to keep the threads we do have active as much as possible daily. If you want more distinct categories then you need to make sure you have 20 active threads for the chance to get that.

Ninth Question All Staff Members
What types of guides would you like to see more of?
I think Game play thread guides would be a good choice. We only have threads reviewing or listing games. If anyone is willing to make a gameplay guide then I think it would be a good idea. Also, I would like to see more Episode gameplays reviews, Choice of Games gameplays reviews, and other app gameplay reviews like that. When I say Gameplay reviews I mean how I have the Otome Games Review setup.



Sorry, are these questions only for staff members?


Nah, I think it is you that is.

HAHAHAHA! I thought that is was a good match, was it not?

GAH! Haven’t been happy with my productivity on the forum for the past two weeks.

Nothing has changed. HAHA.

HAHAHAHAHA! Wait, do you mean to date in real life or just forum dating? These are two different questions.

Hmm… I don’t know how to answer this, 'cause I don’t want to single anyone out. I think that all the males here are amazing and I wish we had plenty more on here. Let’s bring in even more amazing people, so ask your real-life friends, lovelies.

Hmm… umm… people to read AND REPLY on the blog post threads.

I think we’re doing reasonably well here, thought yeah, a gameplay one could be good. (wink)

Yeah, this is to ask any of the staff members whatever you would like.


They are for staffs to answer. The users send the questions to a form in the main post. Are you looking for just the regular questions threads?


Sure! Yeah!


These are the anonymous threads that everyone can answer questions, ask questions, give advice on confessions, and make a confessions as well. We also have the questions stars thread for users of the week where you can ask them questions as well. The one I’m listing is the latest question star. If you want to sign up then make a post on the sign up thread below.


First Question ShanniiWrites
How are you so brilliant?

Second Question SHanniiWrites
Have you realized that we all love you too much yet?



Depends on what I have to do on that day, but normally I spend more time on forums

Helping people, in whatever way it’s needed.


It just started, so I don’t know yet :smile_cat:

It’s fine, I guess it’s worse for people who enjoy going outside

I used to rp on an another platform but stopped because I couldn’t keep up with the stories and got angry when it didn’t go the way I wanted :sweat_smile: So I guess there’s no way

Forums games and some great discussion topics maybe

Do art tutorials count as guides? :joy:


First Question Eleanor_W-15
What are the tights youre wearing today?

Second Question Eleanor_W-15
Will you allow for me to steal Shannii from you?



I don’t know. I would like to try… but it seems kind of time consuming and I have to get better at writing and I want to write other stuff. :exploding_head: Just keep the RP section alive and I’ll come whenever I get some more time.

Fandom threads that are active :nerd_face: Writing and art related threads :heart_eyes:

Hm… art guides? But also board game guides with loads of pictures because I hate reading rules :sob: I did read all the rules for the forums though. :wink: Don’t you worry!


Let me know if this is too light of a color for people to read in light mode!

First Question Mysterious_Tea
Are you happy to be a Mod again?

Second Question Mysterious_Tea
Is Australia really all that great?



First Question Fraud
Are you happy to have agreed to being a Mod?

Second Question Fraud
How come you are so active on Forums?



It’s going fine, thanks for asking! :grin::rose::two_hearts:

Good, it’s not really affecting my life though :eyes::rose::two_hearts:

I tried a few times, I don’t think it worked :no_mouth::rose::two_hearts:

Forum games! :grin::rose::two_hearts:

I’m not sure, maybe gameplays like Wolfie suggested :smiley::rose::two_hearts:


First Question RainbowCat
How is being a Mod for you? Pleased you are one?

Second Question RainbowCat
Youre very cute, how do you do it?



Yeah! I thought hard and long about joining the staff team because I wanted to make sure that I would be able to commit to it to a 100%. I don’t regret it. One of the best decisions I’ve made so far in my life. :wink:

Hehe… I love this place and the people so why wouldn’t I? :raised_hands:t3: There’s not much to do besides from school work during the quarantine either so I’m constantly online. :dizzy:


Question Three Skywalker
How did you get your profile pic?

Question Four Skywalker
What do you do in your free time?



First Question Caticorn
What is your favourite section in the forum?

Second Question Caticorn
What is your favourite task to complete out of the staff tasks?



Become a wizard and magically improve my writing skills.

More food threads. :yum::white_heart:

Extremely! :partying_face::tada::white_heart:

Oui! I love it here in 'straya. Defining it as great is subjective, though. :yum::white_heart:


First Question Nessie
Do you need a cuddle?

Second Question Nessie
Whats your favourite forum thread?



It’s still a bit overwhelming and scary, to be honest :sweat_smile: I’m happy to be able to help around here but I’m also constantly scared of messing up :see_no_evil:

I’m not :see_no_evil: I’m not doing anything to be cute and I’m not cute :see_no_evil: