Another World: Shannii's Prompts

So I’m not sure if I’m going to be entering the Another World contest, but I do have hundreds of ideas! As I said on the Episode Forums, I sincerely hope we don’t get the same 2 or 3 ideas recycled over and over again!

I have so, so many ideas for this contest! I’d love to give you as many as possible, so here are my prompts!


Please credit me if you’re going to use any of my prompts. This credit can either be on your instagram or the story itself. Just credit @ShanniiWrites – my name is the same everywhere.

Please don’t steal these prompts and try to pass them off as your own. You’re more than welcome to use them, but please acknowledge that I came up with them.

Please don’t ask me to plan your story for you. I’m here to give out story prompts. Having me plan your stories for you will cost you money.

  • What if humanity had to face the worst ice age in the history of Earth instead of global warming?

  • What if we never invented electricity?

  • What if the Cuban Missile Crisis had made the Cold War turn hot (causing WWIII)?

  • What if the Europeans never discovered America?

  • What if we started running out of oxygen and you had to buy it like car fuel?

  • What if love became a crime punishable by death?


I love that last one!

  • What if there was an epidemic of a disease that ate at human emotions, causing them to feel nothing?

  • What if humans learnt how to fly, but in the process lost the ability to walk?

  • What if witches existed and they were out for revenge because of the Witch Trials?

  • What if the whole world got stuck in a time loop, forced to relive the same day over and over again (thanks, Star Trek)?

  • What if intelligence suddenly became a crime and all the world’s leading scientists got locked up?

  • What if a strange supernatural being started stealing words from us so that we couldn’t remember what they were?


I wanna use that witch one too.

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  • What if a catastrophe made the whole of [place continent here] experience 23 hour nights and 1 hour days?

  • What if all marriages had to be arranged by the state in order to secure the best match?

  • What if the world became segregated by eye colour, with the brown eyes on top?

  • What if WWI never happened? (WWII has already been done before I believe)

  • What if the USSR had taken over the world?

  • What if humans suddenly lost the ability to move their arms?

  • What if all of the continents became a supercontinent again?

  • What if the Roman Empire never fell?

  • What if all of the most important historical figures were brought to the 21st century and told to rule the planet?

  • What if we all lost the ability to see anything blue?

  • What if the world was ruled by novel writers?

  • What if history slowly started going backwards – with technology being un-made – minute by minute? The only thing we have is our memories.


You’re welcome to use as many as you like :wink:

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These are great, and so helpful! :grin::sparkling_heart:

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I’m glad you like! Hopefully I can come up with some more :grimacing:

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this reminds me of a movie : The lorax. they were running out of trees and had to buy air by a store (at least this is what I remember from it but it’s been a while)

Well frick. I don’t have brown eyes.

Anyways, these are amazing prompts!! How do you come up with these?

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I actually don’t know! They just started popping in my head when I saw the new contest :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lucky. It takes me hours to think of one story prompt, and then it takes me months to actually plot it out.

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Bump and bookmarked for writing practice

I dropped out of the contest but I might do one of these sometime!

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Feel free! I’m gonna merge it with my other prompts thread once the contest is over

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Thank you :blush:

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I always wonder if people ever use these prompts and just forget to credit me or if I’m wasting my time


This just gave me an idea for a roleplay.

I don’t really do stories. Maybe one day!

I was thinking its based in Scotland during the Roman empire rule, and the characters are rebelling against the Romans to the best of their ability.

Do you think it could work as a rp?


Definitely! I’d chat to @ChaoticDeluge! This historical period is much more up his alley than mine, so he might be able to help!