Anti-Mask Protests

It’s a pandemic, but some people really don’t like wearing masks. People protest on an individual scale, refusing to wear masks into businesses that require them, intentionally wearing masks that wouldn’t working, and showing a strong hatred to being forced to wear a mask. This is ridiculous, since masks are important to be able to be safe and not spread the virus to other people. I also don’t think it’s remotely too much to ask for people to. However, people really don’t like feeling controlled, which can’t really be avoided in this case, or ever really. People don’t think it’s necessary and are protesting against masks.

  • What do you think of this?
  • Has this been an issue around where you live?
  • Do you think people should be required to wear masks?
  • Do you think there’s a better way to get people to wear proper masks?



All I can say is that this is the most American sh*t ever.


stfu corona karen




I mean you cant argue with that


seems legit


It’s not a requirement where we live,but I think it should


I think it’s really dumb. It’s a small piece of cloth and it could save a life. Get over it.

Not really. Canadians are generally pretty compliant.

100% yes. I have friends who are immunocompromised and I’d hate for them to get sick.

Make them required. The region I live in made it mandatory for people to be wearing masks when inside public spaces and it seems to have worked.


I think it’s embarrassing and just letting people know of your stupidity

Yes, unfortunately :sleepy: America’s a sh!tshow

Yepppp, a huge requirement but I don’t know how it would be enforced

I think if every store would just not allow people without masks in, it could force some people to wear a mask during their time shopping or whatever they’re doing even if they do throw away their masks right after coming out of the store

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I personally don’t like the masks, so overall my opinion on their use is mixed. (Personally, They are uncomfortable and certainly don’t help my breathing by creating a hot sweaty barrier of heat. Especially when it’s already humid outside) Most of the people I see wearing them, aren’t actually wearing them correctly.

For higher risk individuals, they should wear masks for that additional level of protection, like they should during flu season. However, for others, the masks can actually at times do more harm than good. You breath in all of your own germs by wearing, and rewearing these masks, which can cause you to get sick. Unless you are extremely vigilant about wearing gloves and washing your hands after touching anything, you’re still going to spread germs and get those germs all over your face when you take that mask off.

On one hand the masks do help some, but on the other hand I feel like masks do more of making the public feel safer, than actually helping.

All of these preventive measures have been a bit of a debate within my family. It’s hard to tell what is actually helping, and what isn’t.


I’ve said this before, but the anti-mask protestors in the UK were heard shouting “no more vaccinations”. I think that says it all :joy:


all the stupid is flocking together :joy:

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Dumb-a** Americans.

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Nobody wears it where I live and it’s said to not help that much from what I’ve heard. But I’ve heard different things. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I mean, I don’t really get the fuss over corona, it’s only as deadly as a flu, which means it only really affects immunocompromised people and the elderly, and you should be taking proper precautions around those people anyway. but im not gonna b*tch and whine if i need to wear a mask

invite them to a corona party :see_no_evil: but it’s secretely an anthrax party :shushing_face:

I really don’t like the attitude of a lot of these anti-maskers.
I saw a dumb meme on Facebook the other day that said:
“I don’t wear masks because I have a better way of protecting myself… it’s called an immune system.”

Seriously, Karen, stop bragging about how great your immune system is… not everyone has a perfect immune system like you, and you could compromise their health.

And of course most of those anti-maskers are the same people that only care about people dying when it’s abortion. They don’t care when adults are brutally killed or even when pregnant women are abused. :rage: :rage: :rage:

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Protesting over it isn’t that smart or productive I mean from what I’ve seen if you don’t want to wear a mask you can not wear one. If your big deal is it being mandated by the government it’s not working since you and the other people protesting im assuming aren’t wearing masks.

No one is going to go up to you and slap a mask on you…so it’s kinda pointless.

In America yes, but I don’t think it majorly affects my state or town. The only one we have was mixed into a BLM protest.

If you’re working certain jobs or if you’re the only business open that supplies a certain service 100% you should wear masks and clean throughly. Other than that I don’t really think so. To me, it’s a matter of personal responsibility. Also it would depend on how they acquire the masks.

If they’re free or already paid for and you just need them to wear it, I would be more for mandatory masks. If it’s something that you have to buy well… masks and a lot of the cleaning supplies are in high demand and the majority of places to work shut down for a couple months. My mom had to give her friend toilet paper because she couldn’t get any, now that everyone needs masks and not just panic buyers it’s gonna be harder to get them.

Be 100% transparent with all your info regarding the virus.

America (and China) fumbled with everything dealing with this virus. We’re talking about mask mandates…only now after so and so months. We didn’t shut down travel fast enough. We dismissed the virus as the flu. We had so much contradictory stories out.

Remember the tp shortages and the grocery stores filled with people, even though we were told to avoid mass gatherings? It’s not really shocking to me that people don’t believe they should wear masks.


I love Canadians

Not because of Justin Bieber :eyes:

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I think it’s stupid and only spreads the virus further.

Nope, but a lot of people don’t even wear masks unless it’s a public space


make them breathable