Any Advice For Writing On Wattpad?

Heyyo! So… I’m slowly moving over to Wattpad because I just hate Episode as a company and can’t even deny it anymore. The bad factors are starting to outweigh the good.

I’ve never written on Wattpad before- any tips?


they like erotic stuff. spically erotic fanfics.


Write the way you wish to write, find good cover shops, and don’t worry about the reads! Have fun!


Thanks for the tip- but I’m a minor so I probably shouldn’t do that… And since I don’t really care THAT much about getting reads.

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Yeah you defently shouldent. I once read one really good and then I read it was a 14 year old girl who read. that was scary

but write what you wanna write. you wont belive how often i see people in there call garbage stories good. not that your story is garbage.


Haha- you mean the cliches? I am scrolling through and see a some cliches on there that get attention and were probably written too. Don’t worry, that’s not what I’ll be doing when I start to write. I’ll probably write for fun and if I get reads- yay, if not, then it doesn’t matter.


What I do is write a whole book, go back and revise, revise once again, then release it every chapter by chapter, or however you’d like to release it. I like it because I’m not stuck on a deadline, but I can give the audience good content. Plus, I can always revise afterwards if needed


Here’s some book shops to look at.


Im trying to think of some advice, but I cannot come up with anything. As most of the people in this thread have stated – its best to just write whatever your into, dont try to succumb to the masses unless thats what your interested in.

But to stay relatively stress-free with writing try

  1. planning out the whole story before writing or publishing.
  2. Write out the first like five-ten chapters, publish those and then either publish the next chapters at a specific date or a random date.


Don’t feel put out if you don’t get reads straight away. It’s a big platform with thousands of stories. Being undiscovered doesn’t mean you’re bad. It can simply mean no one found you yet.


I did a lot of research before starting my own story so I’ll throw in some tricks i found useful.

  1. Don’t write too long chapters.

  2. Update, Update, Update.

  3. Get a good cover and a good blurb and a short, catchy title.

  4. Do short author notes and add a call for action. (like remind the readers to vote and comment at the end of every chapter.)

  5. Reply to comments on your story, personally thank those who took the time to vote. In short, actively engage with your readers.

  6. Even if you don’t get any reads the first few months, don’t be discouraged. Keep writing. People will find your story.

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  1. Keep chapters relatively short. Aim for around 3000 words max. People on there tend to have a short attention span and get bored if it’s too long.

  2. Engage with your readers. Use author’s notes to let them know what/when you’ll be updating or ask for feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, good or bad. If they leave a comment or send you a PM, reply. Readers like authors that talk with them

  3. Choose a good name/book cover/synopsis. This could be the difference between the reader passing by your story and giving it a chance. Make it look interesting. Make it sound interesting.

  4. Follow other writers and comment on their stories. The more you put yourself out there, the better chance people will know who you are, and the better chance they’ll see what you have in store.

  5. Use your tags wisely. Use as many tags as you can think of that your story would relate to. Is it Romance? Fantasy? A Mystery? Does it cater to a certain demographic? Just be sure to be specific with them if you want your story to be easier to find. Some are less likely to make rank than others.