Any one going to watch March madness basketball πŸ€

I have been keeping up on March madness basketball especially North and South Carolina.

Who do you think will be the championship?
Are you going to watch it?

Basketball team will know who they play this Sunday at 6pm depending on your time zone and tv station

No :worried:
@unsungcheerio ?


Nah I don’t watch college basketball


No, basketball is not my thing

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There 3 college team that are headed to the big dance in North Carolina which I keep a eye one. I don’t know if any college in South Carolina made it. The one I’m cheer on is UNC Greensboro Spartans men’s basketball :basketball:

One reason is because I had my two siblings went there as well as adults too.


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I been keeping up on North Carolina team and two teams are out but there one more team playing right now and it close and it may be overtime if it ties.

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