Any pathfinder fans?

Soooo Pathfinder is a tabletop roleplay game which is very similar to Dungeons and Dragons but Pathfinder is more optional and DnD is more friendly to newer players. (from what I’ve researched.)

Is there anyone here who plays Pathfinder and enjoys it? Do you play your campaigns in person or online? Currently, what is your character compiled of race and class wise? Maybe tell me about your campaign your in, the adventure or plot that’s driving it forward?

For me, I actually am in a campaign in person and pathfinder is really fun!

Right now I’m a bard with 5 others who actually just got trapped by a dwarf after we got a Faye staff for him and almost died doing so, so that’s fun. :smiley:

@Gamers how about y’all?

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The @/Gaming tag is only used to promote forum games, or else it would be a duplicate. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for letting me know.

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Well I’ve never heard of it but the image in the OP looks cool!

It’s the cover for the Core Rulebook. The art in it is sick.

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