Anyone else watch Bravo reality shows?

My guilty pleasure, even before Episode, is Real Housewives of New York and Beverly Hills, with some Vanderpump Rules thrown in. Anyone else watch those shows?

And yes, I know they’re trash but I love them. I actually only a tarted watching because I listened to a comedy podcast called B*tch Sesh (but with the “i” there, just don’t wanna mess up Adsense) and it got me hooked with one dramatic reading of a scene where a housewife with a prosthetic leg slammed her leg on the table and declared “The only fake thing about me is this leg.” I thought if I could laugh so hard at a podcast reading of this, I need to see the show myself.

And now I’m hooked. Anyone else watch Bravo or Bravo-adjacencent shows?

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I’m sure there’s some people here that have. I think the only one I’d day I did was the Housewives. I barely remember it though. :joy:

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