Anyone Had An Allergic Reaction To Something?

So, my brother, he’s a toddler. Have these bumps on his right leg on the side. About 3 or 4, and I think he might have an allergic reaction? I don’t know. I mean, I saw another small bump, which is as open on his left upper leg now. Kind of hard to describe. Like, let’s say you fall down and cut yourself. Something like that. I don’t know if it’s that, or if it’s either pediasure, milk, or yogurt. Or lotion, or the baby dove soap we use on him. Can anyone help? Have u had an allergic reaction to anything?

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I mean, kids can have sensitive skin and stuff but if you’re worried I’d just say go to a doctor

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Yeah, my aunt is a doctor so hopefully, we’ll go to her when my mom is off. I think she’s off tomorrow.

Without knowing more, (what the reaction looks like, how long it’s been there, what the kid has come into contact with, etc.) it’s hard to give any kind of an opinion on what you could do.

Overall, if it’s not bothering him (overly itching, he has a fever, or some significant reaction), it should be just fine. Kids, especially toddlers, come into contact with stuff that can cause minor irritations all the time. It can even be something like a combination of things he came into contact with that irritated some skin that was sensitive.

Minor skin irritations and rashes are super common, and often heal up on their own just fine.

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To the doctor with him. They can help narrow down what it could be. If it’s near his leg, where does he usually play at? what rubs against his leg? Is it his pants? Then, it could be the laundry detergent or the drier sheets. Is it his blanket? Does he lean his leg against something? Is it metal? Do his pants have anything metal near his upper leg? I have metal allergies.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure I had an allergic reaction to eye makeup once. My eye was red. Fun. Ever had an allergic reaction?

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Hm, not really.

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