Anyone want to help me brainstorm this character?

So Im writing a story for Episode where the MC, Alice, is supposed to be unlikeable. She grew up spoiled because both her grandparents and parents are incredibly wealthy. However, I want her to aspire to be a teacher and because of that she grows into a less conceited, selfish person.

But I’ve been kinda having difficulties deciding about her character. Because I want her to be more quiet and introverted, yet still show her selfishness. Perhaps through her inner dialogue/thoughts?

But I’d also like her to have a bit of kindness and insecurities ofc, something small to build off of so she’s a more realistic character. Like she’s not the nicest person, and she may think only of herself but she isn’t trying to be mean. She also cares about her social standing and that sort of superficial stuff but takes a while to realize that those people aren’t actually her friends.

One thing you should know is that she spends her summers with her more modest grandparents in a small but rich country town, while her parents have their city mansion. So two different worlds but she’s spoiled in both of them, but in her parents world she’s more isolated from her family because they always have things to do.

Anyway, any ideas?


Spoiled, quiet, and introverted…and still somehow broadcasting selfishness. Cares about social standing, but not actively mean.

Okay, the easiest way to do that is to put her in scenarios that shows her snooty ignorance. Things like:

  1. Automatically assuming that everyone wearing a uniform is there to serve her.
  2. Laughing at anyone that has a different accent and is using street slang, because she’s unaccustomed to hearing it and it sounds funny to her ears. (Not realizing that laughing makes the others feel hurt about it)
  3. I dunno, I think you’re being too lenient with her. Make her get into some shit for ignorant mistakes she made in her rich naivety…have her ask directions from a gang at an alley way and then get robbed and lost and has to walk her way back because the taxi drivers don’t recognize she’s rich with all her bling gone and ignore her when she says “my grandma/parents will pay you when we get there.” And that experience makes her not trust anyone outside of her social class for a good while or something.

That’s actually a really good idea! I’ll definitely be implementing some of that.

I don’t know why I never thought of giving her more classicism and ignorance.


It’s not their fault if they were brought up that way, some really do come out of it as mature amazing adults. But others…a good example that came to me on the fly was one of Ozzy Osbourne’s daughters that, in her zeal for defending immigrants in the country, she basically called them all house cleaners. :rofl: “How dare he try to deport all Hispanics from the country? Who else is he gonna get to clean his toilets, huh? Bet he didn’t think about that!” :woman_facepalming:t4: Meanwhile all other Hispanics from different classes: Yeah, we don’t all do housekeeping… (I mean I love that she was defending them and all but…that’s what ignorance is all about, knowing what is right and wrong, but not knowing the whole thing…like assuming all Hispanics are housekeepers)


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