Anyone want to learn piano lessons?

Anyone want to learn piano but never have time to learn?
I tell you a secret about how I started piano, was watching kids show when younger kid. This show help me a lot. Here the link

There also other kids show I watch as well but I save that for tomorrow.

If you want me to create a message for piano lessons my easy way. Let me know. Everyone is welcome to join the piano fun. Even you want to learn a Halloween song.

Remember this too, this will help


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Thanks for moving it. :grin:

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I remember this from elementary school

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It was also on sound of music movie. :thinking: which I have the piano book.

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Oui, learned it for a concert in elementary school

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Or otherwise watch this piano lessons video on YouTube.

( best time to watch in holiday) although I heard my mom playing Christmas music on her phone :iphone:.

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Thanks :blush:

Something during holiday I do watch this

If you want me to make a message group on how I start let me know and to help everyone to be silly today this show was my favorite.

I actually have a keyboard and am teaching myself how to play it. Started using some apps until they started asking for money. My mom is gonna get me a book, so once I get the book I’ll post some stuff here!

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Nice, last thanksgiving, I got a jumbo book of song it like 200 hundred songs. Then this year I stopped by Barnes and nobles to get a two new book. Plus I’m still working on Disney songs too.

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Disney piano book are like $20 at a book store.

But of course the best way to learn is with a teacher, for most people. I get that some people don’t like teachers, but I think everyone needs to try a teacher before doing other stuff.

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Yep. But I hope my piano recital isn’t going to be canceled in April 30 but it usually in June.


I used to take piano lessons but I was too lazy to go every weekend. I forgot every song except Yankee Doodle. I want to get back into it, and I plan on practicing during this quarantine.

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I used practice like a hour or 2. And my favorite is Christmas song :christmas_tree:

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I used to have a keyboard but it stopped working a few years ago because it was old.
After quarantine, I think I’ll buy a new one. Today, I downloaded a keyboard app on my iPad and I’m teaching myself how to play Sunflower. :sunflower: :sparkles: :coffee: