Anyone want to learn piano lessons?

I actually have a keyboard and am teaching myself how to play it. Started using some apps until they started asking for money. My mom is gonna get me a book, so once I get the book I’ll post some stuff here!

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Nice, last thanksgiving, I got a jumbo book of song it like 200 hundred songs. Then this year I stopped by Barnes and nobles to get a two new book. Plus I’m still working on Disney songs too.

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Disney piano book are like $20 at a book store.

But of course the best way to learn is with a teacher, for most people. I get that some people don’t like teachers, but I think everyone needs to try a teacher before doing other stuff.

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Yep. But I hope my piano recital isn’t going to be canceled in April 30 but it usually in June.


I used to take piano lessons but I was too lazy to go every weekend. I forgot every song except Yankee Doodle. I want to get back into it, and I plan on practicing during this quarantine.

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I used practice like a hour or 2. And my favorite is Christmas song :christmas_tree:

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I used to have a keyboard but it stopped working a few years ago because it was old.
After quarantine, I think I’ll buy a new one. Today, I downloaded a keyboard app on my iPad and I’m teaching myself how to play Sunflower. :sunflower: :sparkles: :coffee:

I’m teaching myself how to play My Favorite Things! Its an easy beginner song. Struggling a little bit but no doubt in my mind that I will learn it, maybe within a week if I keep at it!


I actually have the sound of music piano book. And last piano recital I did edelweiss. But the best part of last recital was a funny three piano duets to frere jacques and the middle girl keep mess up pretend to throw water on her head.

I was supposed to have my piano recital on April 30,2020 but I guess it may be in June this year. After that ice cream social :grin:.

I do play for seniors during lunch bunch for like 3 years ago since I volunteer at a local church but most people I met retired, move on to another church in a other states, and so on.

If you go to a music store or book store like barnes and noble.

Speaking of it barnes and noble I just got two new piano book 100 loved play song and I can’t remember what the other book name is. That is basically the same place I got the big Disney book.

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Sounds cool! Is Edelweiss that romantic song that the Captain played? Haha I do not remember names.
Edit: Looked it up! That song is amazing! I wanna try and play that next lol.

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Yep and it actually a real flower too.

Also The Disney Family Singalong: Volume II” will air Sunday, May 10 at 7/6c on ABC.

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By the way if you wanna to go pianogirlone on Wattpad conversation she posted some awesome website that you will like.

I really want to but I didn’t do that yet
At some point in my life I hope to

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I started playing piano when I was in 10 grade during October 2010.
My grandma started me on it, since I used to watch a lot of music show like Little Einsteins, jack’s big music show, The Biscuit Brothers, and sesame street.

Here watch this from the biscuit brothers below.

They have a couple of Full episode on the YouTube channel.

Enjoy it.

Here one more if you need to laugh.

If you want get a little help with piano is already sight read music. Like since I was little I would watch kid show from playhouse Disney to Nick jr. even pbs kids.

Here a challenge to listen to the music in tv show or movie to figure out what song is playing in the background.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play a piano, but problem is, I don’t have one.


Oh no. Well I have a really old piano but I also have a keyboard in my room.

If my sisters turned their music to loud in sunroom then I go to my room.

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Dang it, I have piano homework to work on but I gettin to play one song that I heard before. Do you know what song?

  • Heart and soul
  • Hallelujah
  • Joyful joyful we adore thee

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Who can guess what song I get to play this time.

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