Apologies for my past self

So this might be a long one, but lemme get started.
(P.S. this probably won’t make sense if you weren’t in that discussion, so feel free to ignore this).

Ok so the first thing I want to say is that there was this topic about JK Rowling vs trans people, and when that was being discussed I had the worst possible source for information. Linking this to a youtuber named D’Angelo Wallace, he made a video on the content creator Blaire White, a trans youtuber who… is a handful.

The video this guy made was so relatable to me because he explains how misled he was regarding information linked to trans issues and the overall topic of being trans. Here’s something he said:

Blaire who seemed rational, honest and very eloquent to say the least, and in retrospect, boy was I dumb”.

Basically he’s saying that he used to watch her, while disagreeing with her conservative opinions, and used to think she was… well basically correct about everything.

The reason why I brought him up was because I was the exact same as him lmao. My only source of info was from Blaire herself and that’s is the dumbest thing someone can do. There is a whole LIST of things I can say about that woman but there’s no time for that right now.

All I want to say is that my mindset has changed completely and it’s not even that hard to understand what I was confused about back then.

I said some dumb things like for e.g. saying that “being trans meant transitioning from one gender to the other”. There are so many flaws within that sentence, mainly because gender is a social construct so there’s no biology even attached to it. Secondly, being trans just means you don’t identify with the gender you were assigned with at birth. Yes, I know, very simple stuff.

All I want to say is that I regret even trying to input my weak and flawed opinions into that discussion. Another thing I was blind towards was the fact that JK Rowling definitely is transphobic, and also anti-semitic and just a waste of space. Not to mention she basically stole so many other people’s ideas and fit them all into one franchise.

Anyway, I understand everything 100% now and have learned to not take information from people who are racist, transphobic and downright liars.

I’ll tag some people who were in that discussion:

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“Transphobic” is such a crock of sh*t word. Saying you disagree w/ them is not being afraid of them. I didn’t see the discussion, so I don’t know what exactly was said, but there is nothing wrong w/ saying you disagree w/ them. It’s personal opinion.

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Well it doesn’t literally mean afraid of trans people lol
And who’s them? The people he was disagreeing with or trans people?


Also, thanks for the apology, you educated yourself and that’s what matters. I’m sure the people who were debating with you would say the same.


Although this topic was made just as an apology, I will say a few things. So: no where did I state anything about being transphobic or any of the sort, in fact the only issue was that I got my info from the wrong trans person. I don’t really get what your comment is referring to since I was just acknowledging that I actually educated myself on basic biology.

I didn’t, and would never disagree with trans people. It was just me thinking Blaire White was an appropriate source of info.


Phobias can also symbolise hatred, not just fears. So no, “transphobic” is not such a crock of crap word.


First of all:

  1. Transphobic doesn’t mean having a fear towards trans people it means hating them/" having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against transsexual or transgender people."
  1. If you disagree with trans people you are transphobic and no it is not just a personal opinion. I really hate how the world has turn to, just because you have free will doesn’t mean you are allowed to say hurtful things.

I’m glad you have apologized @daddy_darryl


I agree so much. If you disagree with someone’s existence, that shouldn’t be brushed off as ‘uR oPiNiOn’ because even though it is, it’s a really hateful one.


“iT’s a PeRsoNaL oPiNiOn”

Please. If you disagree with or invalidate trans people, you’re transphobic. And transphobia is obviously wrong.


An opinion doesn’t matter if it brushes off a whole community existence :clap: :clap: :clap:


Disagreeing with something/someone is not in and of itself “transphobic” or hurtful. Stuff like this is why I am conservative and am beginning to hate liberals.

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Bruh it isn’t “liberal” to be a trans ally :grinning:

Invalidating literal people’s lives and saying you disagree with who they are is very hurtful indeed. if I disagreed with the idea of football, it wouldn’t make me a supporter of the sport, it would clearly make me an adversary to football :neutral_face: it’s obviously transphobic to disagree with them and who they are. That is the literal definition of transphobia


This is a load of horse hockey.

sorry, but I don’t really remember asking for you to comment on anything in the first place. no where did I ask you to spread your transphobia anywhere: this is literally an apology, not somewhere to debate people’s literal lives. There is no opinion on whether HUMANS are valid… for what? they aren’t doing any harm it’s literally so dumb to be -phobic of gay and trans people.


Wow imagine thinking invadaling someone right to live is an opinion. If it is an opinion then it is a very wrong and evil one.

Disagreeing with trans folks life to exist is transphobic there is no other way to sugar coat it.

And wonderful you are beginning to hate Liberians? You hate Liberians because they want others to be able to have rights? Because they want black people/other minorities to be able to leave in peace and have rights?

What a sunshine you are (note the sarcarm)

Fine if you want be conservative, no one is stopping you from not being a conservative.

But just know you are a terrible person for disagreeing with trans folk.

And yes disagreeing with something/someone is transphobic.


hate to spill it to you girl but that is literally the definition of transphobia

it just makes you a good person who cares about others and their rights


Why are you laughing at me? I’m simply stating what transphobia is. If you disagree with trans people, that’s literally being transphobic. Nothing funny about that.


are u ok


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay :kissing_heart: 10% recommend