Appreciation is the best motivation ♥️

hi :shamrock:

@AS007 you’re very smart and really talented. You’re also really pretty even though I’ve never seen you :pleading_face: you make everyone around you feel even 1% smarter than they really are, and I really appreciate that :grin:
@Divcp you’re extremely funny and you make everyone feel as if they can be a comedian :joy: you’re also reallyyyyyyyyyyy adorable even if I haven’t seen you :pleading_face:
@CerealKiller you make everyones day much better just with your presence. You’re also really beautiful :hot_face: like seriously howwwwwww :pleading_face: you’re also a GREATTTT leader and you’re doing a great job making these forums better than hey already are :kissing_heart:
@SpookySherry you’re really intellectual and I love looking through some of your arguments/debates with people cause you really just come off as someone who’s really confident in what they believe in. And I’m sure you’re gorgeous af :upside_down_face:
@heavenbound you’re really cool! Like seriously; really cool. You’re also really motivating and I love talking to you. And you’re really beautiful, I know that for a fact. And I’m glad we relate so much :heart::heart:
@Soleil you’re literally wayyyy too nice like seriously :joy: you bring in a spark of positivity that no one else can do. Congrats on becoming a leader; you really deserve it and I’m sure you’ll do amazing!!
and last bust definitely not least…
@TheDancingFryer you’re also really smart and have strong opinions which I admire a lot! you’re also really funny even though I’m sure you don’t intend to be sometimes :joy: a big congratulations on becoming a leader! I’m sure you’ll do really great :sunglasses: also I’m 101% sure you’re absolutely breathtaking :star_struck:

@AS007 done :sunglasses:


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