Apps similar to Episode app?

I’m putting this in gaming since Episode is considered an interactive game-based story app. Please change it if you think it should go somewhere else.

The app Episode: Choose Your Story, is a flagship game for its time period. Not many companies are allowing users to write their own stories as Episode allows. Though that doesn’t mean there are not apps out there that are similar. I have read where some companies are developing their own programs but it’s not clear when they will be available to write on. I can’t say for sure that the apps I list below will allow you to write on them. They might only allow you to play the stories already on them instead. That doesn’t mean they will not get this type of programming in the future though. I am downloading these apps to test them out for everyone. I will let you know what I think of the apps.

What ratings for apps do you always choose?

  • 2 star ratings (2.00-3.00)
  • 2.50 star ratings (2.50-3.50)
  • 3 star ratings (3.00-4.00)
  • 3.50 star ratings (3.50-4.50)
  • 4.00 star ratings (4.00-5.00)
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  • Romance Club: Stories I Play (With Choices)

This game is a mature-rated app which is a 17+ rating. It has a limited set of stories to choose from for now. Though more is to come. You can check it out if you want to read something close to how Episode is. There isn’t a user to create a section for this app. This has full body characters in it.

  • Choices: Stories You Play

So, Choices uses the spotlight set up for its stories. I actually hate this concept since it just restricts creativity. It has some cute stories in it. It’s similar to Episode with the interactive choices you can make. This app has some pretty background plus nice transitions from scenes to scenes. Check it out if you like this setup. It’s not a user to create a story based app either.

  • What’s your Story?

This game is actually pretty cool! It’s the closes I’ve seen to Episode so far. It has fully body characters that you can customize with some decent choices in clothing, face, and body features too. It based on actual shows that have been on tv such as Charmed, Riverdale High, Scream, I know what you did last summer, and much more! Now, you can’t write stories for this app but overall I like it a lot. I’m very picky person when it comes to apps.

  • Chapters: Interactive Stories

I prefer Chapters over Choices just because it has more stories in it. It’s also a little more creative even if it does use the spotlight setup. I can stomach this one much better. You can’t make your own stories but you are reading stories made by indie authors, underdog authors, and more, not as popular authors. Also, they are hiring if anyone is interested. Go to their website.

  • Linda Brown: Interactive Story

Interesting, I’ve never played this game before until today. You follow the life of Linda Brown which the story is interactive choices you have to make. It plays sort of like a Lovestruck games but the characters actually move more and their mouths move. I will have to play more of it to get a better understanding. It looks pretty good to me. It’s definitely different from Episode because it’s high-quality animation that you would see in hidden object games. There is music and ambient noises but it does not have fully voiced characters.

  • High School Story

This is another app by the same creators of Choices but it’s more similar to The Sims and Homestreet. An interesting concept if you like playing those type of games on the phone. There are over thirty characters that you can meet in the game. Your choices determine who you end up with. It’s not my style game since I rarely play high school stories anymore. Let me know below if you have ever played this game.

  • City of Love: Paris

This game is actually really fun. You are interviewing for a prestigious lifestyle magazine where you get hired for another reason. You meet new characters around Paris as well as interacting with your friend who is your roommate. The choices you make affects each character in different ways. It’s episode by episode. I’m on the fifth episode so far. You can’t write stories but you get to read a fun story with interesting choices around each corner.

These apps from here on are not in the article listed.

  • Love365: Find Your Story

These are choice based otome game library with 30+ stories in it. This is a Japanese based game that is translated into English. If you played the standalone Voltage Inc. games then you will have played the games in this app. It’s the library app for all of Voltage Inc’s games. The choices you make lead to certain endings which each story as two endings. There are walkthroughs for all these stories online if you ever have a hard time getting the ending you want or you just want to read the story like a book instead. This is the same app that I use in my otome review threads that I will list below. You do have to pay for stories in this app or follow my threads to read the stories chosen by other users if you can’t pay. Ignore the rating since people are just whining about having to pay for the stories when they had to do when the games were standalone as well. They just can’t seem to please the fanbase who are kind of ungrateful, to be honest. (Sorry to any fans on the forums. Just tired of the bad reviews about people having to pay for stuff.)

  • Lovestruck: Choose Your Romance

This app is the American version of the Voltage Inc games. These stories come off more like comic/cartoon-like stories. (That was a horrible way to explain that, sorry.) This game is another pay to play game as well. The stories actually transitioned from two endings per stories to one ending per stories instead. Only the original games have two endings on them which are Speakeasy Tonight, Astoria: Fate’s Kiss, Gangsters In Love, Castaway, and To Love & Protect. This app also allows for LBGTQ+ romances but the mc is female in each story. Each story has it’s own unique diverse mc. You get to choose your name in different stories. Meaning multiple character names. Have fun with that part! This is also another app I make otome reviews on but right now this app story is only available in the Restricted Sections which is a pay to have access plus you have to be 18+ to enter that section. Now, in future stories, I will have this app on my other otome threads but it depends on the polls which stories we play.

  • Choice of Games & Hearts Choice & Hosted Games

Choice of Games are actually text-based games that you make choices in the games which determine how the game ends for you. Most games range 30,000 words all the way to 300,000+ word games. This is a pay to play app as well but they are high-quality stories that you can read. Choice of Games app is the main app library that holds all the standalone games that are in the google play store. Hearts Choice is the romantic version of the COG games. You will be reading books that range from mild to spicy on the heat index. Most games are over 100,000 in this app. Hosted Games is actually where users have created their own stories then sent to COG to be hosted by them. You will get 25% of the revenue for when someone buys your story.

Should I make a thread that goes over Writing for Choice Of Games?

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  • Maybe, it seems cool but I’m not sure.
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  • Choice Game Library: Delights Games

This app hosts the games created by Delights Games company. They have multiple stories to choose from with many interactive features. If you have every played Wizards Choice then you have already dabbled in their apps. This app holds all the stories in one place for you to play. There are some games that are free but others will need to be bought in order to read them. There is over 65 stories in this app that you can try out. I hope you find some interesting books to read!

I forgot to add these in last night.

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I loooveee Pixelberry so very much, so I’ve played all their games and I looove high school story so yeah


Okay Cool! I’m not a big fan of High School stories otherwise I would play them.


Wow, I never knew they were this much. I have played Chapters and what’s your story. I really loved the high school story one.

I think there is also another one called hollywood story? I might be wrong but I’ll check

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I at one point played Chapters, I think the game was relatively new at that point, but I deleted it.
I’ve played some of the Choice of games and Hosted games. Even just being entirely text, they are awesome! I love how most include a large variety of character stats that you can choose to see at any time.

Then there’s Choices. I love that game. It’s easy to gain gems to be able to spend on the choices or outfits that are worth it to you. (That could be outfits that look awesome and could give you a slight advantage for an event, a new ally to help along the way, an animal companion, or in some stories steamy scenes.) However, you can still have an awesome story without feeling like you constantly have to pick gem choices. You gain a gem at the end of each chapter (2 if you watch an ad) and every day you can watch 3 ads to get 5 gems. The stories are really good, with the variety increasing over time. As of now, there aren’t many customization options for your character, but that has slowly increased, and is continuing to increase with newer stories.
I also played High School Story and Hollywood U, but I really like Choices.


There is that app but it’s part of the My Story Series instead.

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Nice! I the Choice of Games too!

I actually really like choices! Everything that has fullbody animations I find tends to look strange, and they’ve got some great art for backgrounds and the characters (although I’ve never really liked how the MC looks)! Their stories are also a lot more interesting and span a wide variety of genres… They also let you track stats the whole time, which I find really fun. I really liked the It Lives series for how the friendship/fear mechanics worked.


Yeah, there are good qualities to the app but I could never get into it when I tried to read it. I might check it out again but I deleted it last night after remembering why I didn’t like it.

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ah yes, the classic choices
I like it but it won’t top episode tho
ahem excuse my list of other story games I found like episode on the app store cough
but I’m not mad :eyes:

taboo love stories,
memarid love story,
high school love story,
stories your choice,
Fictions : Choose your emotions,
Love Story Games: Blog of Secrets,
Friends Forever : Choose your Story Choices 2019

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Would you like me to add those to the list?

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yeah sure

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Okay, I will do it now then. Thank you for the contributions!

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no problem

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That is so true plus their ad’s! :joy: :rofl:

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So I’ve used Chioces, What’s Your Story and Chapters… They are similar to Episode spotlight but not really when it comes to animations. This is why I like episode more. And this is why Episode treats users and small writers like crap because they are currently the one only who has this.

Not to be rude but I’m not a fan of What’s Your Story’s art style.

Did you try are similar apps before discovering episode?

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More Apps similar to Episode

Moments: Choose Your Story

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes

Mermaid love story

High school love story

Stories your choice
Paid for Version:

Free Version:

Apple Store Version:

Fictions: Choose your emotions

Love Story Games: Blog of Secrets

Friends Forever: Choose your Story Choices 2020 & Indian Stories


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I really don’t like spotlight games. They are annoying to me.

So, true! I wonder what Dorian will be like when they release more information.

It’s not rude to say that. It isn’t the most appealing graphics but it has some good stories in it. I think it’s similar to Classic in sense.

I did try other apps but I can’t remember which ones before Episode. I mainly read my otome games to be honest.

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there are also two game called choices and chapter

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Yep, those are listed on the main post I think.

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