Are advertising rules too harsh?

If you watch old adverts from about the 1970’s a lot of them wouldn’t be allowed now because of some silly rule, but a lot were funny.

I’m gonna find links to as many of the old Irn Bru ads as I can because I was watching something a yesterday and it was showing all of these old adverts. The Irn Bru ones are generally quite funny.

I found the one that says Fanny 12 times in 3 minutes :rofl:




Did you watch it?

Lol f*nny is a British slang for lady parts :joy: such a weird name for a child!

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Yeah, I’m sad I couldn’t find move of them they are hilarious

Some adverts from back in the day were hilarious… there was a Burger King from the 80s with a celebrity in it

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But yeah, I wish advertising rules were more lax

Has anyone ever seen a really bad advert that they wanted to hide from forever?

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