Are art tutorials helpful?

Whether it’s a book, an app, or a youtube video, there’s no shortage of art tutorials in the world. Granted, some are definitely better than others, but overall, do you think art tutorials are helpful? Why or why not?


Yes! From my personal experience, art tutorials have been extremely helpful especially when I was first starting. When finding your own style, the most important thing is to take inspiration from several different sources rather than sticking to one

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I think that art tutorials an be super helpful for learning more techniques and improving your art!

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In my opinion, art tutorials haven’t helped me much. They only thing that actually helped me improve my work is practice, practice, an then practice some more. Of course art tutorials helped me at first find a way to actually draw, but then I continued at my own pace, since I wasn’t depending on art tutorials.

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@anon68003072, do you remember the eyemazing cat drawing tutorial? :star_struck:
Step 1: draw a cat
Step 2: add details :eyes::sparkles:


Yes :star_struck: it was so good I used it to draw Mr. Flying Cat


When I search a tutorial for what i want to draw on YouTube, it is so helpful that I never knew I could draw like that

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