Are boarding schools harmful to students?

In all honesty I’m not very well researched on this topic and I do kinda wanna know what people think!

I hear that bad things can happen in boarding schools and I’m not sure if the very concept of them is to be blamed :thinking: obviously private education is something I’m a bit iffy about in general but whether or not it’s harmful is something I couldn’t even begin to answer.

I suppose on a base level it may be difficult for the students in a boarding school to bond with their families or something :thinking: but again, I don’t know :blush:

Maybe you could tell me?



Depends on the person? I really don’t know.

@unsungcheerio, do you have an opinion on this?


Um, I haven’t personally experienced this so i donttt really, but I think it would depend on the person, their age/age when they started At the school, their home life, how far away from home the school is/how much time a year they can spend with family and the environment of the school
Also depends on what aspect we’re talking about, like harmful academically or harmful emotionally/developmentally

I feel like a boarding school shouldn’t be something forced on a child, just cause it’s generally a momentous shift in their life and I don’t think that sort of change should be forced upon anyone who doesn’t want it. Idk I’d have to research and stouff but I don’t think it’s as black and white as boarding schools being inherently harmful or not


Nah, I know you hadn’t. I just remember the school conversations we’ve had and stuff, and was interested where you stood on the matter.

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HA and here I thought this was for the activity patron thingy you were doing

But no idk, I don’t know ppl who went to a boarding school so yeah I have no concrete opinion—now ask me about a same sex schopl and I have SO MANY LMAO

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HAHA. Oh, bugger, need get back into that. Been busy these past two weeks.

Fair. … Oh yeah, I think there is a thread for that somewhere.

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