Are disabilities represented in anime/manga?

Are disabilities represented in anime and manga? If you know of any examples, share your favourite disabled anime or manga characters! If you don’t, do you think they should be?


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Shoko Nishimiya from A Silent Voice and the Elric Brothers from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are the first ones that come in mind.


Not just them technically! There were other characters who used automail in place of a limb! Not to mention the end where Roy loses his eyesight gosh I love that anime :sob:

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Spoiler for My Hero Academia for those who don’t read the manga


In the liberation war arc Mirko and Aizawa actually end up as having a limb lost and in a recent chapter we got to see Aizawa’s prosthetic.

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Speaking of MHA, Ectoplasm has prosthetic legs. You forgot him. :pleading_face:

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I didn’t forget him :joy: I was just speaking about a specific plot point

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Ah. I love him.

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He’s a really rad character lol they all are :joy:

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Ahh, we forgot Tensei!

A character in Future Diary is blind.

Nunnally from Code Geass is blind and in a wheelchair.

And Havoc. Bless his h0rny soul.

Kaname Tousen from Bleach (I need to rewatch the anime).

I think that Komugi has a disability as well, but I’m not sure. I just started watching Hunter x Hunter recently.

Also, is it just physical disabilities, or does it also include mental disabilities as well?

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Yes, Komugi is blind. And probably has savant syndrome.

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Yeah, mental works!

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Death the Kid from Soul Eater has OCD٫ and I’m absolutely certain Crona has anxiety. Like, really bad anxiety.

Popping back to this after a year, but Yuki Itose from A Sign of Affection is deaf. She’s precious.