Are famous colleges/universities worth attending?

Yale and Harvard immediately come to mind, as do Oxford and Cambridge but are they really worth attending? I’d say they are if having high academic accomplishments is something you want. There are plenty of other universities that are easier to get into and also offer degrees and qualifications, also a degree, no matter how fancy it is, doesn’t mean you’ll definitely get a job afterwards it just means you are absolutely qualified :thinking:

What do you guys think?


I think that college in general is worth attending but I don’t think it matters how fancy it is (that much)? But idk I could totally be wrong :sweat_smile:

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To a certain extent, yes. Those universities are famous for a reason, most of the time meaning they provide a rigorous academic program. Many of these institutions are amazing places for networking and forging connections in the professional world which can be very helpful.

If that’s something you’re interested in, then yes, they’re worth attending. It all comes down to your personal goals

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If they are famous, it’ll be harder to apply those colleges, which means the companoes are more likely to pick them over others. (It’s just a factor, not what immediately causes others to hire you)

It can be pricey, stressful and you must have good grades to be qualified. It’s totally up on the person whether they are interesting in it or not.

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