Are horses smart?

So, are they? The science and my personal opinion is yes, yes they are but I’d like opinions =D

Depending on the source, they are the #10 smartest animal in the world (not including humans). Sometimes they are ranked as 11th, but the research done globally mostly agrees that they are top 10/20.


I’m sharing the same opinion.

I’d been riding and competing with them for years and I can confirm that their creativity and intelligence and slyness! is truly something.

To give an example, some of the horses I’d ridden were of white/grey color and every time, right before the training or competition they made sure to get dirty dirty. They liked stressing me out :smile:


It also depends on what sort of smartness that we are talking about, because some people seem to believe that horses cant identify individual people???

For example, a horse is more likely to be able to tell apart identical twins than a human.

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Omfg same- white chalk is my friend =D

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@ChaoticDeluge I recall having a debate with you over this in the past, anything n to contribute?

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Personally, I think they can identify individuals. Not sure about all horses but some of ours were able to distinguish who was talking to them, whether a stranger or someone they were familiar with. To give another example, one of our horses couldn’t stand guys/men when we bought him, when they approached him he became cautious and mean. We never found out the reason behind his dislike for males but after some time it got better.

Can’t confirm this one because I’ve never seen it with my own eyes :smile:

YES! And all those expensive horse shampoos and other stuff… I almost lost my temper several times

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It’s been tested and I have seen it with my own eyes lol, it’s pretty amazing tbh

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It’s probably something to do with how they were reared? I had a small pony who was the same, she also absolutely hated cowboy style hats. Or anything that cast a shadow over someone’s eyes.

But males also have a more menacing body language so that might be why :thinking:

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It sounds pretty interesting. Maybe I’ll try the experiment in the future, all I need is to find two identical twins :joy:

That’s true.

I’ve also seen visible differences in behaviour when a horse was ridden by a woman, a man, a child or more types of riders (e.g. a pro and a beginner)

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Yeah. You can tell who understands the movement and who just does them correctly without it being natural

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Ye, horses are smart, I believe in science.

Same goes to pigs, but the funny part is, calling someone “pig head” is calling someone dumb…

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IKR :joy::joy::joy:

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Horses are like Haruhi from OHSHC. Weird analogy…

I’m not sure what you mean by that…? Care to explain? I’ve never watched that :sweat_smile:

Oh yeah…I forgot I said that…

Haruhi can tell these guys apart.

It’s true XD

Lol. Evil horse.

I think they’re pretty smart. They know enough to do tricks.

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