Are minorities suffering more from coronavirus?

As I said in another thread there is barely any none coronavirus related news so I thought I’d just look for interesting discussions that could be generated.

Have a read of this article and tell me what you think:


Probably, I mean (I’m not trying to be racist or anything here,) Immigrants who have recently moved here have probably paid a whole load of money to get here and their minimum wage is really bad… So even with the NHS being free, there’s a lot of stuff that is gonna be harder to afford right now…

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We also have communities that are more affected than others. One of the reasons seems to be that not enough (national) information reach these communities because of language barriers.


I think we need to make the distinction between minorities and immigrants here. Which one are we talking about? They aren’t the same thing


Well spotted :wink: the article is about minoroties not just immigrants


Haha yeah I had a look! There are clearly more socioeconomic factors at work here than simply whether the people being affected are immigrants who just came here. Many ethnic minority people in the UK have grandparents who are British nationals (such as myself)


And to be on a non-racist topic here.

There are some fairly complicated socio-economic factors that go into minorities getting hit a lot harder by these kinds of things. Disease, for instance. Even here in the UK. There are types of discrimination that can seriously hinder their ability to receive treatment.


Then there’s the fact that every single measure which affects the working class disproportionately affects ethnic minorities because (due to history) minorities tend to be overrepresented in the working class when compared to white people. So when things like cuts to housing happen (ugh Thatcher), it’s the minorities who suffer to a great percentage than white people.

And how does this affect corona? Housing – council housing – tends to be a lot more densely packed, which causes a faster infection rate


Yeah, unfortunately I think this is the case… I recently read some articles and watched some news items where they especially look at the USA and concluded that not only does this affect minorities like African Americans or Latinos in America more now because they don’t have the money for a health insurance and work in sectors that can’t be done from home, but on the longer term it might also disadvantage them even more, like when it comes to a vaccine that won’t go to those people who might need it most but who can pay for it in the beginning… So yeah I think this is a real issue and there should be more focus on this to prevent real segregation on the long term and solve the current problems like in comparison more infections and more deaths within the minority groups.


What do you think could be done to make minorities suffer less from this? :eyes::sparkles:

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