Are schools designed more for male or female students?

Do you think school education is biased towards a certain gender? Personally I do think they are, everywhere I look around me on average female students do better in the current system than males. In general girls are for example ready earlier to make decisions on what they want to do in their lives and just are more committed to that, while for some guys it takes until the end of high school if not later to actually blossom their skills. I’ve seen many guys dropping down levels of education in their teens to work themselves up again in their 20s. It’s just this could be taken into consideration more. Also, the fact that in the Netherlands most (especially primary school) teachers are female is a huge benefit to girls.


I think schools are extremely bossy towards boys in a lot of places. Perhaps not the school itself,but the teachers prefer the boys over the girls


For some reason girls get in trouble for much less than some boys here… On the other side, teachers are more likely to believe a girl… The boys are usually at the top of the class but there are always some exceptions :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:



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In my case I feel like everyone is treated fairly and same. Teachers usually prefer good students over bad ones, be it a girl or a boy.
The only place where I feel that girls have it better than boys is in pe class, because girls take advantage of not doing pe when they are on their period (me) and because we only have male pe teachers they kinda have to believe them, where guys don’t really have an excuse for not doing pe. (only when they are injured or sick)


You miss PE because of your period? Pfffft.

That’s some next level stupidity right there

lmao i don’t think it’s stupid, besides PE teacher allows it so idc if it’s stupid, imma take the chance, cuz i hate PE :laughing:


I think it’s equally designed for both males and females. At least at my school it is. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I think it’s kinda pathetic tbh

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Both, I’d say. I prefer students that are respectful, that have a positive attitude towards the class, and try their best, even if they don’t get everything right. It doesn’t matter if they’re a boy or a girl. I’ve had amazing male students as well as amazing female students.


At my school there’s not really a difference. Its kinda the same. The girls are a bit more competitive but the guys are motivated, it’s just that the girls are competitive lmao. Some people are just less motivated when it comes to school. I don’t think there is a difference, maybe in certain schools but not school as a whole unless there was sexism going on.

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I personally think that it’s pretty equal. Sometimes certain teachers may be a little more biased towards girls or guys but in general, I haven’t seen much of a difference.

However, in my school it isn’t that bad but in other schools I’ve seen the dress code be way worse and more strict. The reason is usually so guys aren’t distracted or whatever but sometimes the dress code is stupid, like I don’t think guys are going to get distracted by shoulders and if they do then that’s on them. (This especially annoys me when guys get to show their shoulders and girls don’t which I think happened at the middle school I used to go to a couple times) Like I get why dress codes are a thing but sometimes it just makes it a lot more difficult and just causes more distraction at times if someone is dress coded and then has to go home or something and change.
rip idk if I even made the point that I wanted to make

I disagree. I feel like it’s the other way around and that boys get the short end of the stick. Teachers are always harder on boys than they are on us. Two boys are joking around and they’re sent to principal office. Two girls do the same and they’re just given a verbal warning. Everyone kind of pities the girls or is naturally softer towards them so I feel like the boys have the disadvantage here.

People here can be so sexist sometimes but I have never seen a teacher prefer a boy over a girl just because he’s a boy.


I’m not sure. Back when I was in school, it felt like schools were equal. Nobody preferred one gender over the other. Maybe they did, I don’t remember. :white_heart:

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This is an issue I’m currently facing and it’s really tiring to be feel discrimination from the teachers, regardless the gender of the teacher. No matter how nice and obedient you are, teacher would just treat you like how they treat the naughty boys. Teacher would just call out boys and never the girls. If yes, hardly. For exakple, in a class of the ratio of boys to girls is 1:1, the possiblity of the teacher asking a boy a question to a girl is 10:1.

When I was in school today, teacher had to check my homework despite me always doing my homework in time. She had to flip through my book to make sure that I did every single question and same goes to the others boys. The girls? Yes, their books were opened but teacher just swiftly scanned through theirs. It was annoying.

So, to survive, the only way is to sit with a crowd of girls, but that didn’t help much. When a boy sits with a crowd of girls, he will be laughed at being gay. :roll_eyes: And if you’re asking, homosexual is still illegal in my country and 99.9999999999999999% of citizens are homophobic and would always use the word ‘gay’ as a joke. No, I’m not saying only the older generations, teenagers are included as well.

It really depends on a teacher’s mentality but I had no luck when it comes to teachers like that. Idk, I feel like boys are discriminated in my school and teachers would usually have a soft heart for girls.


I think at my old highs school that I went is both for girls and boys but unfortunately they do have a hard time not helping anyone with bullying.

Plug where I live, we only have one high school.
( although the new high school is right next to middle school. Traffic jam.) :thinking:

If you’ve dealt with an american public school dress code, you’ll know the answer is male.

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