Are there any anime\manga that make you say NOPE?

I honestly haven’t found a anime that I refuse to watch. What about you guys, @AnimeNerds?

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Sword art online


Damn, that bad? Should I take it off my watch list?

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God this is late but anyway it’d be up to you, the first 9 episodes are good then after that it’s just, bad

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Haha, too late. I’m almost on the second season.

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Oh no :joy:

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I am getting bored, though. I’m a huge Asuna simp. Help.

My boyfriend recommended it, and I’d heard good things. I actually really like it. I just think that two more seasons after this is a bit much.

I’d literally only heard bad things :joy: the characters being bland and shallow, overrated power fantasy, markets itself as original even though being trapped in a videogame isn’t a new concept the actual game they’re trapped in being boring and the overuse of s*xual assault.

Apparently the most recent season was okay but you need to get through all the s*it to get to it

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Well, I have been told season two is confusing.

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Yeah that wouldn’t surprise me, I can recommend other anime that does the whole video game well, like Konosuba

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Oh, one of the characters in the later episodes of season one is voiced by Todd Haberkorn.

Well, there are anime I refuse to watch AGAIN, but that’s different.

Except he’s a psycho.

Yeah, if things don’t pick up soon, I’m giving up on it. Like, one season is fine, but why the hell are there two more?!

I gave up on it.

I still stand by sword art online

But for different reasons, the final two seasons of Seven Deadly Sins. The animation really became awful but more than that, the ending felt really rushed, it bothered me that the climactic boss who’d been built up from the start wasn’t even the final enemy but let me expand on this!

One of my favourite games (FF9) is often critisised because the final boss appeared random to people, except the themes and symbolism had always been there, especially towards the end of the game so it actually does make sense that the final boss was the final boss.

With seven deadly sins it really was random, there wasn’t really any build up to suggest this specific thing would be a thing and it just made the ending feel messy imo.

@AnimeNerds what do you guys think?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. I have bad memories from my ex.

Ah, I’ve heard of that one. Sadly can’t find it.