Are TV shows dependent on its “meme-ability”?

Do you think the success of a TV Show is dependent on its “meme-ability” or its ability to be made into a meme?

For example, the Office is a pretty successful show and has a lot of memes made about it. I’ve never watched a lick of the Office (seems boring to me :woman_shrugging:t5:) but even I’m familiar with these memes.

100+ Best 'The Office' Memes: The Funniest Dunder Mifflin ...

Funny Office Memes

And etc etc

So do you think that for a TV Show to be successful it has to have memeable and relatable moments? Or do you think that succesful TV shows are always memeable?

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No, It always depend in the type of show it is and the audience that’s watching. I rarly see children shows being memed


I don’t think that TV shows depend on their meme-ability. If the right audience is watching, every show can be made into a meme. And there are also really successful tv shows that hardly have any (good) memes made out of them

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Nope, not at all :thinking:

Some shows might be popular because of their fan-made memes, but ultimately people watch the show because of its quality

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