Are you "addicted" to texting?

  • Do you prefer texting over talking in person?
  • Do you randomly text people just to say ‘hi’?
  • Do you spend most of the time texting your friends?

Although I do prefer texting over phone calls, because sometimes I have a hard time understanding what someone is saying over the phone, I’m not really addicted to texting. I text people when I have a question, or I reply to them, but I’m not the type of person to just randomly text a friend just to annoy them or whatever.


i may be old fashioned with this, but i believe talking in person is better than texting
also i’m one of those people who acts like some topics MUST be discussed in person instead of texting, so i’d often be like “i need to tell you about this important thing but i’ll tell you next time we see each other” (one exception being with online friends)

not really?
i’m very awkward and anxious so i usually need a reason to push myself to text someone
which is why i’m terrible at staying in touch with people

nope, not really
i spend most of my time lurking on social media or playing games lmao


  1. yes lol. I’m almost always semi verbal so texting is easier
  2. aha no. Im never able to start a conversation without a clear objective and plan of action in hand
  3. nope

Ja, texting is my favourite way of communication because talking in personal makes me suddenly dumb. I only text those who I feel close with though, and probably no one else except for the teachers and classmates who I need to talk to for educational purposes :smiley:

I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to texting though; it’s just my preferred way of communication. I chat with my friends on Discord most of my free time :))

Honestly, I prefer texting waaay more than talking in person. I overthink my body language during face to face interactions and it has always made me anxious— especially when I was younger, I used to cry whenever my parents forced me to talk to people. Texting is easier for me because I have time to formulate a response and if I feel too drained, I can always reply weeks later.

I only randomly text people I’m close to, whether that is to check up on them or to tell them about recent events in my life. With acquaintances, though, I would not text them first without a purpose because I feel like I would be annoying them. If I wanted to befriend someone who I thought was cool but had no clue how to start the conversation, I usually send GamePigeon games, pictures that remind me of them, or funny posts. :3

No, I spend more time doing my school work than anything else, unfortunately. :’)) I prefer spending quality time with my friends doing other activities rather than simply texting, anyways, such as watching a movie or listening to music together.

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I just text hi and that’s it
I’m not gonna text you back if you reply
Communicating is hardddddd
Even if you’re not physically there with that person

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