Are you afraid of needles?

My answer is no, I even trialed the men B vaccine which was quite painful but worth it! I know some people are scared of them so what about you guys?


Nah, not anymore. I used to be at one point but I’ve had so much experience with needles I grew out of my kinda fear for them…

Yes, ONLY during facial treatments.

The rest, nah.

It kind of freaks me out to watch needles being injected. I don’t think I realised before but I think now I have, I think it might be a small fear of mine.

Not at all, this might sound very wrong but I like needles. :joy:
I donate blood regularly so it’s nothing for me


Not really :innocent:

… Probably :eyes:

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Not especially, but I understand the people who are!

Needles are afraid of me


Blood test needles, yes but only a bit
Vaccination needles, no
Tattoo needles, give me :heart_eyes:

I used to be when I was little. Needles don’t phase me anymore. I never react when I get one. The only needles I really hate our dentist needles.

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No :eyes:

Just a little but only with vaccinations, even so I’m just like, whatever.

Not that much, unless it’s a shot that hurts like crazy. :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

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I’m not afraid of needles, it just gives me anxiety. It’s not like it hurts.

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I’m not really afraid of needles but I can’t watch them piercing the skin. When I was little, a needle bent while a blood sample was taken and I guess that made me a bit scared of the whole procedure. But it’s not the needle itself that scares me.
I know people who faint when they see needles somewhere and I think that must be quite difficult because there are also needles that aren’t meant for medical use.

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I. Hate. Needles.

It’s mostly medical needles that freak me out, but getting my blood drawn is the absolute worst. I hate it so much.

Not necessarily scared, but they definitely make me uncomfortable.

Nope! I’ll stare right at them!

i’m severely afraid of needles that i kicked it in the doctor when i was younger :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

needles are still scary :pleading_face: