Are You Generally Good At Guessing Twists?

I’d say I’m good at guessing the plot twists.
It’s boring, really, if I find out what’s gonna happen later…
I spoil a lot of books for myself lol.

  • Are you able to see what’s coming?
  • Have any stories genuinely shocked you?
  • What’s the best twist you’ve read?



Uh… sometimes… maybe… I don’t know. I would say no but others have said I am.


Sometimes it’s really obvious and sometimes I’m soooooo sure of what will happen but it doesn’t and then I get sad because I didn’t guess it :joy:
And sometimes I have no clue what’s happening

Guillaume Musso always has great plot twists I honestly never see coming!

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Most of the time yes, but I also read many books that are quite predictable.

Not really shocked, but surprised :sweat_smile:

A family member suddenly got killed which I never expected :sweat_smile:

@Bookworms What about you?

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