Are you "good" at social media?

Being “good” at social media means the following things:

  • You’re on consistently and constantly
  • You post regularly
  • You like other people’s posts/view them
  • You have regular conversations with people on them
  • You have friends from that social media app

I personally am not, I’m doing my own thing a lot and other than this place, I do not spend loads of time on social media (except Twitter) and I barely post on any of my accounts. I also do not chat on them regularly so sorry if I ever ghost you :sob:

@Discussions are you “good” at social media?


I think I’m “good” at social media. Though I don’t post very often I’m usually always around, I text my friends a lot through them and I view and like a lot of people’s post. I use it to catch up on everyone’s life. I mainly use Snapchat and Twitter


No I’m not good at social media :eyes::hot_face:


i used to. i had an instagram feed where i’d post weekly and my friend would spam my comment section with heart eyes and stuff like that. i’d do the same on other people’s feeds and they’d repay the favor by upping my likes and comments section. it would be a cycle so over time likes and comments would increase. i guess you could call it “favors”

Now i do the same thing but on my episode account.

but currently i’m taking a long break from social media (on my personal account). i want to restart everything once this year ends and once i start college.

haha, i used to do this a lot. there’d be a thing where i shared the post on my instagram story, and the people would do the same for me. again, it would up my likes and comments as well as theirs, so they’d do the same for me.

i would get into contact with people who weren’t from my school. i would make friends from people from other schools that were in my county. for example, people from a magnet school in my county. we’d be frineds but we woudln’t hold conversations. we just hype each other up and invite each other to parties – but we wouldn’t text or anything


but since i am taking a break on my personal ig, i mainly now do it on my episode account. but the difference is i’m not as active on my episode account compared to when i was on my personal. currently i’m not logged onto my personal account


To conclude my dare…

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @spookysherry k bye

I used to, but now I’m definitely not good at it anymore. I was very active on Twitter back then. It was like my social media diary. I also used to regularly check on Facebook but I stopped after realizing how bad it was for my mental health.

Nowadays, the only social media I still use actively is my Episode Instagram account. I only use Facebook Messenger to communicate with my friends and schoolmates from time-to-time, but I no longer regularly talk to anyone there.


hi bye sm


Ew social media :face_vomiting:

I used to use Instagram 24/7 during middle school/early high school and it was so toxic. If people didn’t follow you back, you weren’t good enough. If your likes-to-followers ratio wasn’t high, you weren’t good enough. I’ve stopped posting on my personal Instagram and thus I’ve stopped caring about how many likes my posts get. I’ve stopped using my personal Instagram altogether. And I’ve got to say: life has been great.

The only social media I try to uphold is this forum and my art account :star_struck:


That I am

Um… :grimacing::zipper_mouth_face:



Only in some social medias.

So overall I am slightly good on social media

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Considering I haven’t used any of my socials in about two years, I do suppose it is very safe to say that the answer to that question is no, I’m not. HAHAHA (wink)


Bruh, no



I guess…

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I JUST VIEW POSTS AND LIKE THEM but dont do anythinge else smh

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but these only apply on the Forums :star_struck:

I used to be “good” at socmed, but not anymore (speaking about the larger platforms).

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Ahahahaha, nope.

I used to (on Twitter)

I used to, but now I don’t care about people’s posts anymore. Although I actively like posts from my Episode Instagram account.

Define “regular” :rofl:

Well, yeah I have thousands of friends on Facebook for some reason (I don’t even know half of them. Just accepted their friend request because of mutual friends) :joy:

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Yeah, it was wild back there. I’m never going back to that battlefield ever again :pensive:

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I use Instagram quite a bit (zoeynm_3) which i post stories of music and anime more than actually post. Might change though sooner or later.

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Lol, no-

I only post when I’m bored and spend most of my time looking at memes :eyes::eyes:


I SUCK at social media.
If social media was a subject, I would’ve failed it.

Okay, this one pretty much yes… I do go on the forum daily, and I usually check Insta and FB.

This is where I’d honestly fail. I hardly ever post or share anything on FB, and I haven’t posted anything on Instagram in months.

Yes, I do like and comment on other people’s posts, so I’m not too bad at this.

Definitely failing here.

Not really. :grimacing: :grimacing:

I usually just look at other people’s posts, like them, and comment sometimes.

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I am absolutely terrible at social media