Are You Happy With Who You've Become?

You may never know what someone has gone through in life, that’s why you shouldn’t assume or judge others. Nobody picks and chooses their battles, but they can change who they are as a person. Someone close to you may have gone through one of the most darkest moments in their life, but you have no clue because they don’t want to talk about it.

Are you happy with the person you are now?
Is there anything about yourself you wish you could change?
What kind of person do you wish to become? or are you already there?



id say yeah
im trying to get over my shyness


Kinda… I feel like I am better than past me.

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Yeah, honestly I am. Sometimes I wish I was less indendepent and a lot more athletic, but personality wise yeah. I’ve changed a lot during quarantine, but for the better.

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Sort of, I still have a lot to improve on.

I really wish I wasn’t so shy and had the confidence to talk to anyone irl. Also, I wish I knew how to comfort people, because whenever someone is upset I just sit there like, “oh yeah that sucks”.



me too, i’ve definitely changed a lot over quarantine but in a good way




Same, being on these forums taught me a lot :eyes:

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sameee here

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tagging bones cuz i think you’d be interested in this topic @Bonswayout

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SAME THIS IS ME :sob::sob:


Yes! I feel after all the years of living, I am the wisest I’ve ever been!

My anger, I get really angry sometimes because my family never let’s me share emotions like that, so I would change my temper.


i always compliment myself without knowing and we built diff

Pretty much, yes. I’m more confident now that I was before. My self-esteem back then used to be critically endangered.

I want to be more firm and decisive. I also want to be more composed and chill because it might help relieve my anxiety. In simple words, I still want to be better than I am now.

I want to be a remarkable and inspirational person - someone who sets out a good example for others. I don’t think I’m there yet because I still have plenty of areas to work on.


Not really…

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No. I’m a monster.

No, not really… Sometimes I wish I was a better person-- physically, mentally, and socially. :disappointed:

I’ll answer some of my own questions, too :dizzy_face:

yes. I’m very happy with the person i am now. although life could be better, i wouldn’t change anything of the past because it makes me who i am today. i used to be shy, very immature, toxic, naive, and i never was myself. but i’ve grown to be more confident within myself and how to be a better person. i still have a lot to learn later in life, but i am happy with the person i am now.

i do wish i was less lazy and more moving. i procrastinate too much and i’m super forgetful. i wish i had a better memory

i wish to become a rich dude living in the wealthiest neighborhood with 5 dogs.

all jokes aside, i do hope one day i will become a strong, successful, smart and independent person

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