Are you independent, or dependent?🦋

Got this idea by @/BlackBlood ‘s question on the question thread. Thanks :eyes:

  • If you’re dependent, on who? Why?
  • If you’re independent, since when? How?
  • how does it show?
  • Would you like to be the other way around?

Personality I’m quite independent, and I’ve been that way since a very young age.
there are still some specifics in which I’m still dependent but overall I’m a pretty independent person and I wouldn’t want it the other way around


I’m pretty dependent on my parents since I live with them, so I’ll just go with that-


DEPENDENT? Could never. :skull:

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Independent in most aspects of life, but dependent because I’m a f*cking child in the other aspects of life :grinning::call_me_hand::gun:

I think I’ve kind of always been independent since I’m just not a very feel-y and sappy emotional person, but I guess I wish that I was a little more balanced since I can come off as antisocial haha

dependent, i still live with my mom :pensive:

I’m independent :open_hands:t3: I used to be dependent on my friends but when I changed school I didn’t have a close group of friends like I used to so I learned how to be okay to do things by myself and try new things without bringing someone on the way (although that’s very enjoyable lol):partying_face:

independent, i dont need friends, they disappoint me

arnt u 12

Independent, I like to do things myself

I’m disabled…theres your answer…sadly.

independent for being on here and doing hw by myself and stuff-

but I do rely on my parents for some aspects (like food, shelter)

@Discussions what do you think?


personality wise I always have been independent

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I feel like I’m pretty independent. I don’t usually like asking others for help and bombarding them with my problems unless I really need it

Sometimes I forget to ask for help when I should, and the outcome would’ve been better if I had.

I think I’m mostly independent.

Same goes for me. I don’t want to be another burden for people lol

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Since last year after I got out of an extremely toxic relationship. Since then I’ve matured a lot and realized my worth. I’ve come to the realization that I can’t find love in someone else if I can’t find it in myself. I also realized that after losing a few friendships, the only way to find true happiness is with myself. I can’t depend on others for happiness cuz I will end up hurting myself more than I might know. After the super toxic relationship, I learned a lot about what I need to do with myself, and so I grew out of being so codependent on others.

I stopped heavily relying on others. I also stopped setting such high demands and expectations on others because I realized it’s unhealthy for them and myself. I stopped heavily depending on others for self-reassurance, too.

Absolutely not. I am glad I’ve grown to be the person I am today— and I hope to continue growing :heart:


i’m both.

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